Originally founded over 25 years ago by Steffie Allen, as the “Wise Women Council,” the overarching mission of WiseWomen today continues to advance many of the same foundational goals: support female executives, help them grow as leaders, and provide mentoring for other women on their corporate journey.

Recognizing the alignment and synergy between their respective organizations, CTLF acquired the Wise Women Council in 2017, creating one of the premier programs for female executives of its kind. Combined with CTLF’s focus on sharing insights, fostering deep relationships with peers, and building authentic friendships, today’s WiseWomen continues to grow and thrive by remaining true to the spirit and intention of the original organization—a mission that is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago…perhaps more so.

Ann Sparks, Managing Director of Investments with Stages Wealth Management Group, and longtime WiseWomen participant, says:

Most men don’t understand what it’s like to be a woman in business. Many women at the top of their organizations find themselves alone there without the kinds of support systems historically available to their male counterparts.

One of the biggest benefits WiseWomen offers to members is creating a safe, supportive environment for CEOs, presidents, and business owners to be successful, and to be able to talk through things with peers and learn from one other. Plus, with no attendance requirement, members can participate in monthly meetings, social activities, cultural events, philanthropic events, an annual retreat, and educational opportunities, as they are available. Kathy Lawless, Owner of Life Story Curator, reflects:

I belong to WiseWomen for the connections with leaders who have shared similar experiences in their careers. It’s great to have friends, but they don’t always have commonality in terms of a chosen career path. Being around other smart, successful executives and being part of that conversation is not only energizing from a business perspective, but it helps me expand my own capacity for leadership.

WiseWomen is open to executive-level women whose roles include ownership, significant business management,  P&L responsibility, and/or board participation. Potential members are personally invited to join and each new member’s mix of qualifications and potential contributions to the group are considered on an individual basis.

For more information about WiseWomen, please contact Robert Ham, Vice President of Business Development, at roberth@ctlf.org.