Forget Moving Mountains, We’re Moving Mountain Ranges  

CTLF Merges with CiviCO for Greater Impact 

As we approach the end of 2023, CTLF’s leadership team has been in reflection about how we’re living our values as an organization and how we can grow. We’ve evaluated:   

  • How can CTLF become even more potent for you as a member, growing your business and living legacy?  
  • How can we greater live the mission: better leaders, better companies, better lives?  
  • How can we become more impactful for our state of Colorado?  

Through exploring these questions and others, we’ve discovered an opportunity that will yield exponential results. This past quarter, we’ve planned to expand through collaboration with an organization called CiviCO.  

Within their name, lives their mission:  
Civic engagement, leadership, and growth for the state of Colorado.  
Hence, CiviCO.  

CTLF feels deeply aligned with the mission of CiviCO. Their North Star is to develop leaders at all stages— from the emerging leader to the battle-tested and seasoned. CiviCO’s perspective is that leaders who are “focused out” on civic engagement intrinsically build community and make for a stronger Colorado.  

With this fundamental alignment in values, the leadership team at CTLF evaluated how we could use this alliance to fortify our HEART-centered business building community. Through deliberate planning and analysis, we discovered that we can create an even greater impact, enjoy the benefits of a wider network, and generate more resources by merging our organizations.   

So, this is the big news: CTLF is changing ownership. We are grateful for Class VI Partners and their enduring support that made this merger possible. That said, the core ownership of CTLF will shift from Class VI to CiviCO by the end of the year.  

Here’s what Ryan Heckman, the Chairman of CiviCO has to say about this collaboration:  

“CiviCO was founded by Colorado CEOs in 1999, and we have been dreaming of providing deeper impact in our business community for some time.  Joining forces immediately provides both organizations with a stronger platform to be more to more leaders across the state of Colorado…this is a dream come true on so many levels.” 

No matter how adaptable and resilient you are as a business leader upon hearing big change, it can always feel a bit jarring and bring up curiosities. This feels important to address, directly.  

In this FAQ page, we attempt to answer some common questions or concerns. Programs will continue business-as-usual. The leadership team at CTLF will make rounds to the programs to discuss this with you. The most significant change you can anticipate is simply a wider net for us to make an impact upon the state of Colorado, strengthen our communities and each of us as leaders.  

It’s an internal shift that we collectively feel in the service of all businesses involved and each of us as leaders to experience catalytic growth in 2024 and beyond.  

Thank you so much for your enduring support and community involvement.