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Colorado Thought Leaders Forum is your one place to build relationships, grow personally and professionally, and give back—all at the same time! 

Who It's For

Successful business owners, executives, and proven leaders looking to belong, grow, serve, and put your leadership to work for the good of yourself, your company, and your community. 

The Value

CTLF is uniquely equipped to help leaders:

  • Expand their thinking
  • Challenge convention
  • Grow as a person
  • Experience authentic connection with others


The Format

CTLF membership connects you with many of Colorado’s best and brightest business leaders to engage in thoughtful conversations that elevate and inspire.

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How Do I Participate As A Member?

How You Engage Matters 

As you participate, engage, and get to know members, you should know right away that this is a space where you can freely be yourself. Our culture is perfect for leaders who show up humble, engaged, and authentic. Come with an outward mindset, ready to give and serve others, too. 

Become a Member by Joining Online 

Complete the simple registration form, pay your $300 annual membership fee (plus one-time $75 new member fee), and immediately begin receiving our newsletter, as well as invitations to upcoming member opportunities.

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Register and Attend Small Member Gatherings

From roundtable discussions on timely topics or facilitated conversations that connect to expert-led panels and trainings—both virtually and in-person—there is something for everyone to engage and elevate themselves and others.

Get Member Discounts to CTLF Community-wide Events

CTLF has developed a reputation for delivering some of the most unique and impactful large events with catalyzing speakers from across the country, as well as large networking and charity events where you can get to know an entire community of like-minded leaders.

Go Deeper When You Need More 

CTLF has programs that help you grow in key areas:

Each program affords you the opportunity to be a part of a small group, build deep relationships, and experience growth alongside your peers. They also invite the rewarding opportunity to serve and help others.

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*Additional program fees apply* 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.
~ Anonymous 


“CTLF is the realest, most heart-felt community I’ve ever experienced. I learn so much from everyone.”


“CTLF is not for everyone, nor should it be. It takes the right caliber of person with an outward mindset, so I am selective about who I talk to about it.”


“CTLF has been the most valuable community I have been involved with. The culture, quality of people, events, and opportunities for growth are bar none.”

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