Our Work


We Are Thought Leaders

Colorado Thought Leaders Forum is uniquely equipped to help leaders:

  • Expand your thinking
  • Challenge convention
  • Grow as a person
  • Experience authentic connection with others

We do this through member gatherings, short-term and ongoing programs, and events that inspire thought leadership.

Our Members Are Co-Designers

Ever get tired of the top-down, “fight your way to the top” kind of model that is still so prevalent in our world? So do we!

If any part of an organization can fail because one component fails, it needs to be redesigned to be more resilient. CTLF is designed with a distributed model that shares leadership across the whole. A rich, regenerative, resilient organization is one that embraces diverse ideas and perspectives, so CTLF is member-led across every part of our organization:

  • Our Board of Advisors sets the vision and defines the strategy with us, and we collaborate with them constantly.
  • Every program has an Advisory Board working closely with our team to influence our programs and lead meetings. It’s a big part of what keeps our work timely and relevant.
  • Advisory Boards play a key role in approving new members. Because other members have a say in who joins every group, they become personally vested in helping new members become a welcomed participant and contributor as quickly as possible.

Our Impact Takes Many Forms 

Our programs are designed to help leaders move beyond the tips, tools, and techniques of leadership to explore who you are being as leaders. Growth happen as you build trust, are challenged by the perspectives of others, and explore your assumptions and limiting beliefs.

Multiple Formats to Meet You Where You Are

Whatever the form it takes, our work never loses its impact:

  1. World-class, high-impact large events
  2. Meetings that engage quickly and create the conditions for deep connection
  3. Short-term programs that deliver depth and impact quickly
  4. Ongoing programs that transform participants over time

At full capacity, CTLF’s offerings include more than 275 meetings and events a year!

The Highest Caliber of People Possible

The single most powerful thing about CTLF is the high caliber of people who are attracted to our work:

  • Over 325 program members
  • Over 700 leaders who consistently participate in meetings or events during the year
  • Over 4000+ people personally invited by other leaders and who receive our communications
  • A strong reputation that spans well beyond the leaders who are actively engaged
Over 100 Years of Experience to Draw On

Colorado Thought Leaders Forum is able to draw upon more than 100 years of history and reputation across all our programs. As of 2021, we have:

  • 12 years of experience building the CTLF comunity and culture
  • 38 years of history in Strategic Connections
  • 22 years of history in the CEO Forum
  • 25 years of history in WiseWomen

In addition, our communty has a considerable following and demonstrated strength serving:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • CEOs
  • Executive-level women
  • Proven leaders
  • Leaders in Chief Growth Officer roles

A Legacy of Transformation

Our biggest asset is our long history of making a transformative impact on people’s lives.

We measure more than just financial capital. The social and human capital that comes from  leaders who say, “My life is far better, my leadership is more impactful, and my business is more successful because of CTLF,” is our most priceless asset. 


“I love the community CTLF and the members have created together.”


“The CTLF community is full of authentic, transparent, and generous business professionals.”