Personal and professional Development

Igniting Leadership growth

We believe the most effective environment for leaders to experience transformational growth is in a small group of peers who align with HEART-Level leadership values.

Who It's For

Successful executives (men, women, and coed groups) committed to growing their leadership and life. Groups are curated around common ground and relatability so that the collective wisdom in the room serves every member in significant ways.

The Value

Rich, applicable insights, expanded leadership abilities, deeper relationships, and accountability. An increasing capacity to be authentic and vulnerable, so that we can really stay present in our relationships.

The Format

Up to 12 participants meet for 2½ hours monthly in a facilitated, confidential group setting.


“The personal development forum has really allowed me to deepen my understanding of myself. I am growing as an entrepreneur, leader, and person.”


“My men’s group has allowed me to accept my short-comings and focus on my strengths. I have learned that vulnerability is a strength, not a detriment.”


“My peer group has given me a space to learn from others, find my unique leadership style, and share my voice and opinions more confidently.”

What It Is

Guided by a skilled facilitator, Personal and Professional Development Forums create unparalleled opportunities for leaders to make powerful, positive change in their ability and capacity to lead.

Challenging and thought-provoking inquiries in a safe, confidential environment creates the ideal conditions for self-reflection, awareness, and transformation.

We currently offer two types of Personal Development groups: Men’s and Women’s.

*This is NOT a business leads group.


Women’s Groups

Women play a vital role in shaping the future of business. Women in leadership roles understand that meaningful relationships with other female executives are instrumental to their professional and personal success. As a woman, you are empowered when you find your voice, learn to preserve time for self-care, and find the balance needed to give yourself fully to the people and priorities that matter to you.

Men’s Groups

There are some societal pressures to which only other men in leadership roles can relate. Yet many men avoid difficult conversations or sharing their challenges with others. Men often experience a profound sense of responsibility to themselves and others and the pressure to perform is ever-present and real. Allowing your peers to know the real you unlocks a kind of freedom that helps the entire group rise to new levels of leadership.

Interested In Experiencing This Level of Connection?


About once a month, CTLF hosts “Taste of CTLF” gatherings, where you can experience a taste of this powerful Personal and Professional Development format. Click here to see upcoming dates and register, or click here to schedule a conversation