Community Membership

CTLF membership affords you access to a business community second to none, as well as leadership seminars, inspiring keynotes, and opportunities to connect with many of Colorado’s best and brightest business leaders.

Thrive Forum

Participants meet monthly in a group-facilitated setting where members grow as individuals and grow as leaders. THRIVE is dedicated to entrepreneurs cultivating deep relationships, sharing rich, applicable insights, and providing accountability.

Challenging and thought-provoking inquiries in a safe, confidential environment creates the ideal conditions for self-reflection, awareness, and transformation. This is NOT a business leads group.

Personal and Professional Development Forums

Facilitated by a skilled coach, Personal and Professional Development Forums are offered to 12 successful executives who are committed to creating powerful, positive change in their ability and capacity to lead. Powerful and thought-provoking content in safe, confidential spaces create the ideal conditions for self-reflection, awareness, and personal transformation.

Strategic Connections

Strategic Connections is the place where proven, senior-level leaders gather to cultivate authentic, meaningful relationships that positively impact your business. Most members hold a role in their company akin to “Chief Growth Officer,” making them both committed to and capable of helping others expand circles of influence and supporting one another in meaningful ways. 


Engaging peers in authentic relationships is essential to your well-being and capacity to thrive as a leader in today’s world. WiseWomen is an invitation-only group of community- and globally-minded, female business executives who understand that influence and the capacity to lead well extend far beyond the boardroom.


“Life is all about meaningful relationships and connecting with others on a deeper level to truly understand how you can help them.”

“The biggest impact has been seeing the integrity, compassion, honesty, and professionalism with which each member has conducted himself or herself over the years. Their example has been a blueprint for me and how I run my business!”

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