More than a method. It’s a movement.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

Our Vision

Make no mistake. We’re on a mission here. We are redefining what modern leadership and business culture look like today and well into the future.

  • CTLF is the place to expand your thinking, challenge convention, grow as a person, and experience authentic connection with likeminded leaders—because thriving has everything to do with the quality of your leadership, the way you design your roles, and the people you surround yourself with. Learn more about our work here
  • We move beyond tips, tools and techniques in an environment that is authentic and healthy, there is real transformation. Learn more about membership here
  • By developing —people who are humble, engaged, authentic, regenerative, and bound by spirit of togetherness—we help leaders create authentic, healthy, prosperous cultures everywhere you go. Read more about our values here.

Our Environment

Every organization has a unique genius—something they do better than anyone else. CTLF’s genius is creating the conditions for authenticity, deep connection, and growth. One thing is constant over more than 10 years serving the Colorado business communityleaders routinely tell us, this environment is different, and the difference is profound.

Whether a small round table gathering of 10 CEOs, a leadership growth program over six weeks, a peer group’s monthly meeting, or a large event with hundreds of leaders, everything we do is characterized by a deep level of connection, authenticity and openness that is rare. No need for posturing, pretending, or impressing. CTLF gives you the opportunity to exhale for once. And it’s amazing what happens when we can let our guard down and be seen for who we truly are.     

One entrepreneur put it this way, “CTLF is the only place in my life where I can be myself completely, and that has made all the difference.”  


“My involvement in CTLF has had an enormous impact on my success as a business leader, and the relationships I have forged have had a direct impact on our company success.”


“CTLF is a group of thought leaders who are impressive in what they have accomplished, as well as how they conduct themselves in business and life. The welcome I’ve received has been amazing.”


“CTLF has been the most valuable community I have been involved with. The culture, quality of people, events and speakers, and opportunity for growth are bar none!”

Persuasion is the act of replacing someone’s world view with something better.”

~ Chris Anderson, Owner, TED

Our Story

In 2009, the world was experiencing a global economic downturn and businesses everywhere were struggling just to survive. In the face of this great challenge, CTLF formulated a bold response and, in doing so, created something special—a community that prioritizes genuine connection and authentic relationships as a powerful driver of personal and professional growth.

This deliberate focus on knowing and serving others creates an authentic culture perfect for expanding our capacity to lead well in business and in life. 

“When I truly know youI know who you are, what you do, why you do it, and I care about youI can serve you in a powerful way, because I know exactly what you need,” says Sara van Rensburg.  

When we do this, we elevate the future of Colorado business for good.

The Bottom Line

CTLF is your circle of peers, your place to plug in and get inspired. We provide leadership development programs, inspiring keynotes, peer groups, and opportunities to connect with many of Colorado’s best and brightest business leaders.

Our aim is to help you become the best leader you can be, both personally and professionally. By applying HEART-Level leadership values at work, at home, and throughout our communities, we believe we can make the world a much better place—one person, one business, one community at a time.

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