Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to be a member to attend an event?

A: CTLF offers both small scale, intimate events and larger signature events. All events are open to both members and nonmembers.

Q: Do members receive a discount at events?

A: Members of the CTLF community and/or its programs receive discounts on tickets for signature events as well as free access to many smaller events throughout the year. 

Q: I want to bring my team to a keynote event. What are my options?

A: Tables and ticket bundles are available for bulk purchase. Contact to inquire about tickets to a specific event.

Strategic Connections:

Q: I have been to LEEDs and BNI. Is this the same thing?
A: Although there are similarities, Strategic Connections is very different. It focuses on creating the space for members to develop deep, authentic relationships that expand circles of influence that lead to business, personal, and professional growth.
Q: Which day does Strategic Connections meet?
A: Each chapter meets twice monthly on either the 1st and 3rd week of the month or the 2nd and 4th week, depending on location. The exception is during November and December when one meeting per chapter is scheduled per month to leave room for the holidays.
Q: What are the meeting times and do meetings often run long?

A: Meetings are from 8:00 am–9:30 am over breakfast. We are very strict about ending on time so that business leaders can plan their schedules accordingly.

Q: Is membership by company or for an individual?
A: Membership is for a single individual by invitation only and is industry-exclusive per chapter.
Q: Is there an attendance requirement?

A: Members commit to attending at least 80% of the scheduled meetings. The most successful members also meet one-on-one with their peers outside of Strategic Connections. Frequency of contact is a cornerstone of building deep relationships.

Personal and Professional Development Forum:

Q: How are groups formed?

A: Groups are comprised of 10-12 peers. We spend a great deal of time ensuring new members are a fit with the existing members. Currently, we have two different types of groups—Men’s and Women’s.

Q: When are meetings held?

A: Meetings are held once a month on the same day of the week. Each group has its own specific time and day. To inquire about a specific group, please contact CTLF at

Q: Is membership available quarterly?

A: Membership is an annual commitment, not only to your own personal growth but to the growth of your peers as well. We do not offer a shorter membership option.

CTLF Membership:

Q: Do CTLF members receive discounts to events?

A: Members of the CTLF community and/or its programs receive discounts on tickets for signature events as well as free access to smaller monthly events throughout the year.

Q: Is there an attendance requirement?
A: CTLF membership is our most flexible way to engage. There is no attendance requirement. However, as with many things, what you get out of it depends largely on what you put into it.
Q: I have family commitments after work. Will there be activities I can attend during the day?

A: Membership events are offered at varying times of the day such as over breakfast, during lunches and happy hours, as well as midday and afternoon.

Q: What are the fees for the gatherings for CTLF members?

A: Many of the CTLF monthly events are free. In some cases, such as breakfasts or lunches, members will be responsible for paying their own tabs.

Q: Does CTLF membership include programs like Strategic Connections?

A: CTLF programs such as Strategic Connections, Personal and Professional Development Forums, and WiseWomen are not included and have separate program fees. However, CTLF members are invited to open houses throughout the year to experience other programs without a full commitment to join.