Thrive Forum


Embark on a transformative journey to build powerful, lasting connections with a trusted peer group of fellow entrepreneurs committed to growing in leadership and life.

Who It’s For

Participants meet monthly in a group-facilitated setting where members grow as individuals and grow as leaders. THRIVE is dedicated to entrepreneurs cultivating deep relationships, sharing rich, applicable insights, and providing accountability.

Challenging and thought-provoking inquiries in a safe, confidential environment creates the ideal conditions for self-reflection, awareness, and transformation. This is NOT a business leads group.

The Value

Rich, applicable insights, expanded leadership abilities, deeper relationships, and accountability. An increasing capacity to be authentic and vulnerable, and to stay present in our relationships.

  • Explore internal and external self-awareness
  • Challenge each other to continue to learn, improve, and grow as leaders
  • Provide mutual accountability
  • Exchange ideas
  • Advise on problem-solving
  • Provide moral support

The Format

Entrepreneurs committed to growing in leadership and life. Thrive Forum members meet monthly, in-person for 2.5 hours with a skilled facilitator (with exceptions of holidays/special activities).

Additionally, Thrive members enjoy access to CTLF’s larger community of events and business leaders committed to helping each other be successful. We serve first.

Interested In Learning More?

Contact us to see which of our programs is right for you.