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Leverage a Recession to Reduce Risk and Build Value in Your Business

July 20 | 9-10:30am | Class VI Partners

Free for CTLF members; $150 for nonmembers

Many business owners have been around their companies for so long, that they are unaware of the risks an outside investor will see in their company or where to focus to drive value. Recessions provide an opportunity for strong companies to get stronger by addressing risks that may not have been apparent or top of mind in a good market. This session will dive into internal and external factors that contribute to an outside investor’s perception of value and risk and how it can often differ from a business owner’s perception.

Join Zack Gibson (Director – Head of Investment Banking, Class VI Partners) as he shares insights and wisdom to help you guide your business through current and future uncertainty, navigate risk, and build value. 

Each attendee at this session will be offered a free CoPilot Assessment, valued at $1500! CoPilot is a risk assessment application designed to identify key areas of risk in a business. It will change the way you think about strategic planning and building value.

* This session is geared toward entrepreneurs *


Colorado Thought Leaders Forum (CTLF) is a revolutionary business community of passionate difference-makers who believe we can apply our leadership to literally change our companies and the world for good. 

Our Work

CTLF is uniquely equipped to help leaders:

  • Expand your thinking
  • Challenge convention
  • Grow as a person
  • Experience authentic connection with others

We do this through member gatherings, short-term and ongoing programs, and events that inspire thought leadership. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to help you unleash your own potential through our work, so that you can take it with you into your life, your company, and our community to unleash the potential of others.

By developing HEART-Level Leaders, we help leaders create authentic, healthy, prosperous cultures. 

Our Genius

Every organization has a unique genius—something they do better than anyone else.

Ours is creating the conditions for authenticity, deep connection, and growth.

Because we move beyond tips, tools and techniques, there is real transformation.

Announcing New Courses to Learn Regenerative Leadership!

CTLF has partnered with nRhythm to provide a wide array of self-paced courses and group workshops to help you grow in a regenerative way!

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Colorado Inclusive Economy

Inclusive Economy is a collection of CEOs, EDs, and other business leaders who have the vision and grit to rebuild Colorado’s economy in a way that works for all.

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“CTLF has helped me to be a more thoughtful and mindful CEO and to develop stronger business and personal relationships with other entreprenuers.”


"CTLF continues to give me permission to be authentic and vulnerable in a way that deepens my relationships and enhances my influence in the community.”


“You can do well and do good at the same time. CTLF reinforces this with actions and ideas I can use to improve my business.”

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Five values at the HEART of all we do.


When we are humble, we move beyond our own egos and approach others with a sense of true humanity. Our self-awareness enables us to continually grow.


We deeply engage our peers, teams, and employees with intention, approaching each person as an individual—listening, understanding, connecting.


For real. It’s not just a common phrase, it’s how we live. Authenticity becomes the baseline for how we show up and interact with others.


We create abundant and resilient outcomes by designing healthy roles for ourselves and others. Health and well-being are standards for how we achieve success.


We are all part of a community and we rely on each other. Business and life work better when we invest in relationships and have fun together.

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