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Colorado Thought Leaders Forum is a community of passionate difference-makers who believe we can apply our leadership to literally change the world for good. By developing HEART-Level leaders, we create cultures where relationships are enriched and capacity for impact expands.

As we emerge from such a strange and challenging year and step into a landscape that doesn’t look much different from 2020 (yet), one thing is certain…You can count on CTLF for being the place for simpler, less noisy, and more potent thought and connection. Read “A Fresh Look At A New Year: CTLF’s Theme for 2021” here.

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Colorado Inclusive Economy

Inclusive Economy is a collection of CEOs, EDs, and other business leaders who have the vision and grit to rebuild Colorado’s economy in a way that works for all.

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Our Programs

We offer a unique set of programs to help members connect, grow as leaders, and forge authentic, meaningful relationships.


CTLF membership affords you access to leadership development programs, inspiring keynotes, sophisticated professional networking groups, and opportunities to connect with many of Colorado’s best and brightest business leaders.


CEO Forum

An exclusive community of CEOs, owners, and presidents fostering deep relationships with peers through open, fun, and unique events. CEOs are invited to gather for a large annual keynote event as well as in small, curated settings throughout the year.


Leadership Growth

Leadership Growth Experience is a confidential cohort of leaders looking to grow beyond tips and techniques to deeper and more powerful aspects of leadership that can unleash their full potential. Members meet regularly over eight weeks and emerge with a new design for who they desire to be as a leader.


Personal Development

Personal Development Groups are facilitated small forums that create ideal conditions for reflection, awareness, transformation, and accountability. Members meet monthly to explore their leadership and life in a safe, confidential space.


Strategic Connections

Proven, senior-level leaders gather twice a month to share breakfast, invest in relationships, grow in influence, and connect to opportunities through a powerful network of resources.


Wise Women

An invitation-only group for female business executives to connect in a nurturing space where intentional, meaningful relationships can flourish. Members gather as they are available for connection, mentoring, friendship, and growth.


Upcoming Events

January 26, 2021

Change. Transition. Transformation. Reignite for 2021

Virtual WiseWomen Only Event

Join us to start the journey of emerging from 2020 stronger, smarter, more energized, and yes with renewed resilience. Led by WiseWoman Nancy Sullivan, CEO of Transition Points, you will take away tools and strategies – based on validated research – to create a future never envisioned possible before.

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February 17, 2021

Storytelling And Your PR Voice

Virtual Member Only Event

Join us as CTFL member Cori Keeton Pope, Founder & CEO of Keeton Public Relations, guides us through how to leverage the media – including social media – to grow your business.

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March 25, 2021

How To Operationalize Culture

Virtual Member Only Event

Join us as CTLF member Bill Shepard, Principal of Portocol Business Strategies, guides us through the tools to operationalize and reinforce culture in your company. Learn to evaluate and advance your company’s culture and translate it into sustained superior organizational performance.   

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Read about previous events in our blog.

“I’m a big fan of the philosophy of ‘HEART-Level Leadership’ and appreciate the bi-weekly reminders of the importance of a give-first mindset.”


“Our success of being recognized as a top workplace in the Denver community has been a direct result of the cultural influence CTLF has had on me. The idea of HEART-Level leadership can be infectious if you have the courage and commitment generated by the community of CTLF.”

Five values at the HEART of all we do.


When we are humble, we move beyond our own egos and approach others with a sense of true humanity. Our self-awareness enables us to continually grow.


We deeply engage our peers, teams, and employees with intention, approaching each person as an individual—listening, understanding, connecting.


For real. It’s not just a common phrase, it’s how we live. Authenticity becomes the baseline for how we show up and interact with others.


We create abundant and resilient outcomes by designing healthy roles for ourselves and others. Health and wellbeing are standards for how we achieve success


We are all part of a community and we rely on each other. Business and life work better when we invest in relationships and have fun together.

Sound like you?

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