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Why should you attend?

There isn’t a CEO among us who doesn’t need to think seriously about attracting and retaining talent, and building a company that will go the distance.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Irrefutable observations and facts on why business must change
  • Insights to experience true vocation in your work, plus the contagious and mountain-moving impact it will have in your company
  • Keys to unleash vocation in your people, so they can contribute to your growth in ways you never imagined
  • Inspiration to reimagine the future of business, because it’s good for your business
  • Methods to cultivate multiple forms of capital and build persistent value for your company
  • Know-how to build a great company that is resilient, sustainable, and lasting – after all, isn’t that what we’re really trying to do?

Don’t let anything get in the way of your chance to attend. 



Tuesday, October 12th, 8–9:30 am
700+ CEOs

A short, sweet, highly potent virtual event for the CEO who’s ready to collaborate with peers, share hard-earned insights, and challenge their thinking in brand new ways. 


What You'll Experience

A curated breakout session to learn from other CEOs at your same level, as you share hard-earned lessons and best practices that have emerged over the last year and a half.

An actionable, thought-provoking keynote where you’ll hear timely insights on the future of business from one of the most respected leaders in regenerative organizational design, Matt Stinchcomb. We guarantee you’ll leave thinking differently about 2022!



Wednesday, October 13th, 8–11am
At Social Capitol with up to 150 CEOs

A highly interactive in-person session for CEOs who crave deeper relationships with other CEOs and the space to cultivate new thinking with the help of peers.

What You'll Experience

A curated group of around 175 CEOs leading companies $3M or more will convene in person for this very special gathering. The space is large, and we’ll be socially distanced and safe.

The format is simple. Through a combination of table breakout sessions and thoughtful and challenging conversations with Matt Stinchcomb, we will work together to reimagine a new design for the future—one that tends to our environments and does good for ourselves, our people, and our communities.

Event capacity subject to updated COVID information. 

REGIStration NOW Closed!

Even though you can’t join us this year, send us your details and we will share all the learnings from the event with you.


Every attendee will receive a Field Guide to help you and your leadership team directly apply the concepts you learn at the CEO Forum.

Ten Field Guide sections have been strategically chosen, representing key disciplines every CEO needs to successfully grow your company. Our speaker and partners will assist in preparing thoughtful insights and resources to help you design and plan for the most successful 2022 possible.

Why now?

Consider the many challenges you face as a CEO—a distributed workforce, countless employee distractions, societal tension and anxiety at epidemic levels, global uncertainty—all now part of your new environment. These things pale in comparison to what is coming…a future workforce that will force change in ways you can’t yet even imagine.

There have been a few transformational moments like this in history where the old ways of doing things erode under our feet. The future of your company is in your hands, and only YOU can decide what to do about it.

Our speaker, Matt Stinchcomb, was ahead of the curve. As a cofounder of Etsy, he began to master a new mindset and a completely new set of skills to build durable economies and good communities, applying them within the company in the early years as it grew from $0 to $75M. As it turns out, these precepts and skills are exactly how you address what’s coming.

The future never fails to become the present. The good news is you have time to begin a new education and prepare to meet the challenges that lie ahead. That time is now.

Matt Stinchcomb

Matt Stinchcomb is the kind of guy who seems more comfortable playing in an indie rock band, screen printing t-shirts, and walking in the woods than cofounding a billion-dollar company, starting a transformational foundation, and becoming an expert in regenerative organizational design. It’s part of his charm, and he laughs often, pulls new ideas out of thin air, and cares deeply about the way we tend to our communities and planet.

As a founder and longest-tenured employee of Etsy, an online platform that enables people to sell their handmade crafts and goods to buyers worldwide, Matt helped the company reimagine commerce with a complete “shift in consciousness,” as he calls it. “We have to fundamentally reimagine the purpose of business and what success looks like.” Contrary to many stigmas, Etsy chose a sustainable model of business that transformed local economies at a global scale and grew massively and made money at the same time.

Since leaving Etsy in 2015 when the company reached $75M, Matt founded and led the Good Work Institute and currently serves as Board Chair. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Schumacher Center for a New Economics and Hawthorne Valley Association. His awards and accolades are too numerous to list, and he wouldn’t want us to make a big deal about them anyway.

Take Your Learning With You

Opportunities for Your Leadership Team

For decades, CEO Forum attendees have asked, “May I please bring someone from my leadership team?”

We understand that new thinking only matters if it leads to change inside your company, so this year we’re helping you bring your learning directly to your team:


In this highly engaging event, your team will:

  • Learn key concepts from the CULTIVATE and (RE)GENERATE events.
  • Engage alongside you in thoughtful and engaging table dialogues to help them think anew about your business.
  • Engage with their peers from other companies and develop new relationships to support them in their growth as leaders.
  • Ongoing Leadership Team opportunities will be available throughout the program year for those who attend.

$1,200 per Leadership Team

Space highly limited. Interested CEOs should send inquiries to

The CEO Forum is made possible by our generous partners!

special thanks to our community champions