A message from Xan:

Over the past nine months, I have spoken extensively with our members and listened carefully to them about what it is that makes CTLF special and how this community has impacted their lives and their businesses. While the answers varied, they had an overwhelmingly common theme. Our HEART-level approach to personal, professional, and corporate growth is what differentiates CTLF from every other professional organization.

This focus on developing a community of leaders who are committed to this shared set of values and a “serve first” mindset has enriched their relationships, broadened their networks, opened doors of opportunity, helped them through countless professional and personal challenges. Moreover, it made them more cognizant of the impact HEART-level leadership can have in almost every aspect of their lives. To that end, we crafted a new and simpler value proposition to help better convey the impact embracing and advancing these core values can have in ourselves, our companies, and our communities:

Better leaders. Better companies. Better lives.

The last few years have been tumultuous with the pandemic and economic volatility. This has led to anxiety and introspection on multiple levels for employees and leaders alike. More than ever, people are recognizing and pursuing their fundamental need to thrive and to find purpose and value in their work. Business leaders who embrace HEART-level values not only benefit by investing in themselves, they are simultaneously investing in the well-being of their employees, their companies, and their communities by living out and advancing these very values. In short, everybody wins—individually, corporately, and societally.

Leading from the heart, means having the wisdom, courage and compassion to lead others with humility, authenticity, engagement, transparency, and service. HEART-level leadership expands us. It requires self-reflection, awareness, and courage in our relationships—a place historically reserved for ego, especially in the business world.

But when we lead with HEART, we honor the unique strengths and working genius of each team member as well as ourselves. We respect different perspectives and talents. We are mindful of how our words and actions impact others and we pay attention to how our inner dialogue affects our sense of worth and value. We champion failures as opportunities for growth and learning. We build relationships based on authenticity and trust. We act with compassion, striving to understand other people’s challenges and attempting to help alleviate them. We celebrate each other’s achievements. We create regenerative relationships that give back more than they extract.

That’s the power of HEART-level leadership. Better leaders. Better companies. Better lives.

It sounds simple. But it requires conscious commitment, introspection, and courage to show up every day ready to serve with HEART at the center of our leadership. It literally impacts every decision we make and affects the well-being of everyone around us.

Is CTLF more than just another professional development and networking organization? You better believe it. And if you’ve made it this far, it’s very likely you already do.

We are currently creating waitlists for two new programs that will launch in 2023: CEO Connect and a Mentorship For Emerging Leaders.

CEO Connect: This customized PDF group is exclusively for CEOs who want to work on their leadership and personal growth. The time commitment is 3.5 hours per month, which includes a 2.5 hour meeting once a month with your peer group and one hour of one-to-one coaching. If you are interested in more information or want to add your name to the wait list, contact Robert.

Mentorship For Emerging Leaders: We are looking for CTLF volunteers to be mentors. The program will run from September – May. The only requirement of mentors will be to meet with their mentee once a month. If interested, contact Lindy to fill out a mentor application. We will use these applications to pair mentors with mentees.

“The position doesn’t make you a leader. It is relationships with people that are the foundation, the very heart of leadership. The leader you will follow anywhere is one you know cares about you and values you. This person has your best interests at heart. It is the leader who comes alongside to help you improve and grow.”

 – John C. Maxwell