As we near the start of a brand new year, I’ve been thinking a lot about our vision, and what it means to transform business for good. If you attended our event with Molly Bloom in October, you heard me share this, and I think it’s worth sharing it again.

I came across a quote recently that has stuck with me. It’s by Chris Anderson, the Owner of TED, and he says, persuasion is “the act of replacing someone’s worldview with something better.”

We’re living in unprecedented times. Chris Romer, who is a valued strategic adviser, provided us with a little perspective at our board retreat. He shared 2000 years of economic history and it showed the colossal impact of the Industrial Revolution and more incredible, the exponential rate of our personal economic growth just over the last century. 2000 years of history and it literally looks like a hockey stick shooting straight up.

That kind of growth doesn’t come without cost.

And there’s not just an environmental cost – there’s a human cost, in that much of the global economic growth we’ve created through business hasn’t brought stronger communities or more well-being. We could argue it’s come at the expense of it.

We believe HEART-Level Leadership has a valid, powerful, necessary place in business – Humble, Engaged, Authentic, Reciprocal, and Tribal.
Doing business this way is a beautiful example of replacing a world view with something better.