Leveraging What is Working to Thrive and Come Alive in Every Area of Life 

When you think about what is currently working in your life, what comes to mind? Your schedule, the rhythms you share with your family, working on projects you love, your health, your leadership, your business model? Whatever it is for you, it’s worth taking a deeper look to understand what is creating the conditions for those things to work.

For example, gardening season is upon us, so let’s imagine your tomatoes aren’t growing very well this year. Assuming you bought quality seeds, our immediate questions would be, why not? What about the conditions do I need to change? Do they need more water? Less? Fertilizer? More sun? Are there weeds crowding them out? And once the conditions are put right, chances are your tomatoes would begin to grow healthy and strong.

What is creating the conditions for what is working in your life?

  • A person in your life who holds you accountable
  • The way you’ve designed your role to focus on what you’re great at
  • The structures you use to organize yourself
  • Delegating effectively
  • Your rituals of daily appreciation and gratitude
  • Making eye contact so that you are present and connected in your relationships
  • Saying no
  • Saying yes
  • Having a regular creative outlet
  • The time you spend gathering your thoughts and getting clear
  • Your long afternoon walk being alone
  • Your diet and bedtime routine that help you sleep well consistently
  • Your workout class that inspires you to make healthy choices the rest of the day

Now consider something that isn’t working. How are those conditions different? Is there a feeling that captures what is difference? Where can you leverage and apply what is working in a whole new way? What can you change about your current conditions, so that you can thrive and come alive in another area of your life?

Remember, we are designers of our leadership and lives. It’s liberating when we realize that if something isn’t working, we can simply design it anew!