Leadership Growth Experience


In business and life, if we are not getting the results or experience we want, it’s encouraging to realize we have the power to redesign our roles to create something new.

Who It's For

  1. CEOs and Owners
  2. Senior Leaders

The Value

Challenging introspection, removed roadblocks, personalized leadership design, and ongoing peer relationships. Participants emerge having created a new, highly personal design for who they desire to be as a leader.

The Format

Small discussion group of up to ten participants facilitated by a leadership development coach, with regularly scheduled meetings approximately eight times over 10-12 weeks.

What It Is

This curated experience for ten leaders moves beyond the tips, tools, and techniques of leadership to explore who we are being as leaders. Growth happens as we build trust, are challenged by the perspectives of others, and explore our assumptions and limiting beliefs. We deal with issues that are commonly critical to success as a leader, like:

  • Creating and maintaining the well-being needed to sustain your pace
  • Understanding what your genius is and if your role is designed to allow you to thrive
  • Knowing where you are committed and where you are holding back
  • Trusting your people to make decisions
  • Defining who you want to be as a leader
  • Tapping into your potential and intentionally designing the leadership you desire for yourself

Grow Where You Are

Currently, we offer two types of Leadership Growth Experiences:

For the CEO & Owner

Working with a group of peers who understand what it means to lead companies and teams, with all the demands and pressures that come along with it, the Leadership Growth Experience for CEOs offers a powerful opportunity to thoughtfully design your leadership in a way that is transformational and sustainable.

8-week Program: $2,300
Coming Soon
Thursdays 8:00-10:30 am
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For the Senior Leader

Working with a group of fellow leaders who are increasingly taking on more responsibility and developing skills and expertise to lead in ever-more impactful ways, the Leadership Growth Experience for Senior Leaders is about designing your leadership in a way that allows you to thrive in your current role, while expanding your capacity to move into future roles that stretch you in new and exciting ways.

6-week Program: $1,700
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Wednesdays 2:00-4:30 pm
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“The biggest impact has been seeing the integrity, compassion, honesty, and professionalism with which each member has conducted himself or herself over the years. Their example has been a blueprint for me and how I run my business!”

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