Leadership Growth Experience


In business and life, it’s empowering when we realize we have the opportunity to redesign our roles to create something new in our leadership and life, at any moment we desire.

Who It's For

  1. CEOs
  2. Business Owners
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Senior Leaders

The Value

Challenging introspection, removing roadblocks, personalized leadership design, and meaningful peer connection. Participants emerge having created a new, highly intentional design for who they desire to be as a leader.

The Format

Interactive short-term program for up to ten participants, with a facilitated and progressive discussion over 6 sessions.


“This program supports whole people including business, personal lives, and leadership development. We can all benefit from that.”


“CTLF has helped me reflect on who I want to be as a leader and helped me be a more thoughtful and mindful CEO.”


“CTLF has elevated my skills, abilities, and confidence as a leader, which has elevated my reputation as a leader in the community.”

What is the Leadership Growth Experience?

A six-session program centered around a curated experience for ten leaders to move behind the tips, tools, and techniques of leadership to design their role to thrive.

Why should you participate?

Growth happens as we build trust, are challenged by the perspectives of others, and explore our assumptions and limiting beliefs. We thrive when we are able to design our roles in a way that enables us to have wellbeing and thrive in a sustainable way.


What you’ll get?

Insights and tools to help you:

  • Create and maintain the well-being needed to sustain your pace
  • Understanding of what your genius is and strategies to design your role to maximize your impact and fulfillment
  • Knowing where you are committed, where you are holding back, and why
  • An increased ability to trust your people to make decisions
  • Clarity on who you want to be as a leader
  • Opportunity to unleash more of your potential across all areas of life

Interested In Learning More?

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