In leadership and in life, we have the opportunity to redesign our roles to create something new at any moment we desire. That’s what Leadership Growth Experience is all about.

Introduced in 2019 to support our third foundational pillar—thriving—CTLF launched the Leadership Growth Experience (LGE), a six-month program for CEOs, owners, and senior executives designed to deliver challenging introspection, remove roadblocks, build peer relationships, and create a vision of who they want to be as a leader.

We thrive when we are able to design our roles in a way that enables us to have wellbeing and thrive in a sustainable way. Tom Hynek, Vice President of GoWest IT, who recently completed the six-month program, reflected:

Your leadership skills really need to reflect who you are as a person. The dedicated time to reflect on my own values as well as crafting my own personal leadership statement and making it my truth have been hugely valuable in how I show up as a leader—in work and in my personal life.

Groups of 10 meet monthly led by a facilitator who helps participants design and develop their own leadership style. There are three different kinds of groups tailored specifically to best align with the unique challenges associated with each type. And while tips and techniques are certainly a part of the program, they are definitely means to creating more impact as a leader. Most participants report the kind of powerful insights and actionable changes that only come as we build trust, are challenged by the perspectives of others, and explore our assumptions and limiting beliefs. Participants have come to expect the unexpected from participating in LGE—in a good way.

Josh Fyhrie, Vice President, Private Client Insurance Advisor with IMA Insurance, experienced just that:

Initially, I was anticipating more tools and tactics. It became quickly apparent that this group is more about character, clarity, and connections. It gave me permission to broaden my view of what it means to be a leader at work and in other important areas of my life.

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