Comprised of up to 12 participants that meet for two and a half hours each month, Personal Development Forums—or PDFs, as we like to call them—are a key component of CTLF’s overall programming, and a significant driver of leadership growth within our membership. Whether facilitated by a skilled coach or self-facilitated by group members, PDFs create unparalleled opportunities for leaders to make powerful, positive change in their ability and capacity to lead.

CTLF member Lisa Pedersen, an executive coach and regular PDF facilitator, puts it this way…

PDFs are these incredible communities where you can be authentic and vulnerable in a confidential setting—sharing not only the things that may stand in the way of your progress as a leader, but also the things you are most excited about, as well. They really do expediate personal growth in a way you don’t get in other organizations.

With groups for men, and women, PDFs deliver rich, applicable insights, expanded leadership abilities, deeper relationships, and a high level of accountability for seasoned executives. Sessions are often led by a professional facilitator skilled in small group dynamics and interpersonal communication, teeing up thought-provoking and challenging inquiries each month with the goal of promoting self-reflection, awareness, and transformation.

A co-creator of CTLF’s personal development forums and a devoted PDF participant for over five years now, Ed Schenkein, Audit Partner and Lead Partner of Singer Lewak’s Denver office, understands full well the value of staying connected with a group of peers who have chosen to share their life experiences as leaders, husbands, fathers, and friends with others who agree to do the same.

Meeting once a month with this group of guys, sharing and learning and doing inquiries, not only keeps me in community, it creates the space do some really meaningful work in terms of my own personal development and leadership.

Our PDF groups continue to evolve and expand to meet the changing needs of our membership. One of the more recent additions to CTLF’s personal development programming is called “THRIVE,” a self-directed PDF group dedicated to entrepreneurs looking to grow through the unique challenges and perspectives associated with this particular path to leading a business. By cultivating deep relationships, sharing rich, applicable insights, and providing accountability, entrepreneurs are free to challenge one another, exchange thought-provoking inquiries, and develop learn from others on a similar journey in a safe, confidential environment.

For more information about Personal Development Forums, please contact Robert Ham, Vice President of Business Development at