Kathy Lawless, Owner & Chief Story Teller, Life Story Curator

As a small business owner and podcaster, and with over two decades of leadership experience in corporate, non-profit and consulting roles, Kathy has successfully made several transitions in her life, reinventing herself multiple times. As a Life Story Curator, Kathy helps people to capture their life and career stories, to celebrate milestone moments like graduations, retirements, birthdays and anniversaries. Kathy is known for finding just the right way to celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions of others. She has created, presented and/or emceed dozens of slide shows, recognition programs, client conferences, employee town halls, retirements, toasts, and roasts.

“I believe that one of the greatest gifts you can give someone is to recognize the impact they have had on your life (as a parent, boss, friend or family member) or the difference they have made in the world (through their work, actions or just being here on this earth!).”

Kathy is intrigued by the unique qualities that each person possesses and uses this natural curiosity and her exuberant personality to discover what makes a person who they are, the events and people that influenced them, and the inner knowing that has guided them. She then finds a creative way to arrange the information with meaningful photos and artifacts to tell their story through photo books, artistic posters or her podcast series, “How Did I Get Here?”.

Kathy was the Community Chair for her Colorado Thought Leaders Forum (CTLF) Strategic Connections chapter and co-led the CTLF Wise Women Ambassador Cohort in 2021. Most recently, Kathy has taken on the co-leadership of CTLF’s Wise Women Advisory Board.

When she’s not engaged in her professional passions, Kathy loves spending time with her family and friends, playing volleyball, golfing, and playing the piano. Kathy has been affectionately called a “growth junkie,” because of her perpetual learning and growth approach to life. Connect with Kathy to hear more about playing two-person beach volleyball (available in Colorado!), or to have her tell your story!