CTLF has utilized nRhythm’s Organizational Health Index (OHI) for the last several years to provide insight into the collective view of our organizational health, including the design, operations, and receptivity of the organization. It consists of 80 questions, three meta categories, and seven sub-categories, and it also measures trending OHI, referring to the general direction that the organization is headed.

While the measurements are indeed helpful, it’s more about the conversations the data ignites. We use it as an opportunity to listen, ask meaningful questions, and design the future we want together.

One of the most powerful signs of an organization’s health is the ability for the people in that organization to be aligned decision-makers. A few signs of CTLF’s strength in this area include:

  • Our team feels like the organization values us as individuals.
  • Our team understands the organization’s context and purpose and consider it when making decisions.
  • Team meetings are effective at eliminating silos.
  • We consider capacity when designing new strategies and goals.
  • The entire team feels like we can be ourselves at work.
  • We have seen meaningful improvements in the organization’s programs and services over the last 12 months.
  • We are open to change and receptive to feedback as individuals and as an organization.

As with any assessment, our results yielded important feedback to help us improve our structures to create the conditions for greater health:

  • The last year and a half have made it far more difficult to consistently achieve our goals, which has eroded a bit of our confidence.
  • We cannot always make decisions quickly enough and don’t often have the freedom to pursue ideas that will benefit the organization, both of which limit potential.
  • We do not communicate with partners and members often enough, so we sometimes miss opportunities for our community to inform our decisions and contribute to our work.
  • Our membership does not have the level of diversity we would like to see in order for it to be the richest, strongest ecosystem possible.


Our spring 2021 OHI was the first one where our members answered questions about our network connections, and we received a great deal of direct and thorough feedback from our members. It was remarkable to receive so much positive feedback on the impact our work is making in the lives of our members, and a few of our member quotes are included below. Our members also took considerable time sharing ideas and experiences to help us improve. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • Be more clear about who fits as a member and for which programs. I want to refer people, but I’m just not clear how.
  • Try to lessen the impact of all the change we’ve experienced over the last year and a half, so that we can invest the time it takes to build strong relationships within our programs and groups.
  • Make sure the programs have a clear focus and intention so that we all define success the same way.

Quotes from the OHI:

“CTLF has helped me to be a more thoughtful and mindful CEO. CTLF has helped me to develop stronger business and personal relationships with other entrepreneurs.”

“I now have a circle of peers that I can go to for advice, inspiration, feedback, and business development needs and my influence has grown more in three years than in the decade prior.”

“I learn so much from my fellow leaders and am constantly striving to improve myself and my leadership with the lessons learned.”

“At my company, I’ve had no turnover, a definite increase in productivity, and my overall confidence has improved by my participation.”

“You can do good and do well at the same time. (CTLF) reinforces this with actions and ideas that I use in my business.”

“The strong connections I have made…give me an honest sounding board for challenges and issues that I have to address, which either confirm my approach or allow me to adjust to better meet my organization’s needs.”

“(CTLF) continues to give me permission to (be) authentic, vulnerable and humble in a way that deepens my professional relationships and enhances my greater influence in the business community.”

“CTLF has been the most valuable community that I have been involved with. The culture, quality of people, events and speakers, and opportunity for growth are bar none.”

Look out for the next OHI sometime in the Spring of 2022. We hope you’ll be a part of helping us build health and abundance in CTLF and in the leaders, companies, and community we touch.