Given the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Colorado, we want to provide some things to consider as we work to carefully navigate the complexities and nuances of this evolving landscape:

  • CTLF will be consistent in honoring the local mandates and regulations in place for our various communities, as well as the policies and requirements of the venues where we meet.
  • If you are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms, we ask that you use your best judgment in refraining from attending “in person” meetings where you may have the potential of exposing your fellow colleagues.
  • CTLF will never require or request members to exceed the requirements of any local mandates/regulations and/or CDC guidelines— unless an event is hosted in someone’s private home.  In that case, the host may choose to ask attendees to follow other requirements they feel are important to the safety and health of their household.

Community connection is vitally important to who CTLF is and the value we bring to one another.  We know this continues to be a challenging time and topic for many—with many contrasting perspectives and points of view.  Together, we have an opportunity to embrace our values of Heart-Level Leadership (Humble, Engaged, Authentic, Regenerative and connected with a spirit of Togetherness) in caring for each other.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support.