Only a week ago, it was business as usual, and now we are plunged into challenges we could not have expected or planned for. CTLF was founded in 2009 for one purpose: to link arms and support other business leaders when it matters most.

For many of us, it matters a lot right now, and we need help. For others, we have a little extra strength and capacity to help someone else.

You’re invited to follow CTLF’s LinkedIn Page. It’s here for you to:

  • ASK for advice, resources, and introductions you need to successfully navigate your company right now.
  • SHARE ideas, resources, and information that has been valuable to you. It’s already loaded with a lot of great ideas generated at our board meeting yesterday!
  • SUPPORT others when they have a need and celebrate when that help makes a difference.

The decisions we make and the things we do will drive the economy and pull us through, far more than anything government and media can do.

Let’s do it together!