I love the documentary, The Biggest Little Farm! it’s remarkable, and there is no better picture of what thriving organizations can look like.


The movie begins with Chester and Molly, two dreamers who quit their jobs and, along with their beloved dog Todd, buy a piece of land Venura County, California. The land is utterly depleted of nutrients, crumbling, dry, dead. So, they find a mentor to teach them regenerative farming and they go about the hard work of building life and health into this farm, bit by bit.


They introduce nutrients, plants, and animals until the land begins to come back to life. After a few years, tragically their mentor is dying, they were working so hard, and something terrible happens. Snails come and devour all the orchards. The entire harvest is gone. It’s devastating.


But instead of looking at the snails saying, “You’re not contributing to this farm. You’re a menace! You’re out of here,” and eradicating them, they do something extraordinary. They bring geese into the orchards, and the geese gobble up all the snails turning them into fertilizer for the trees. And miraculously, the snails become essential contributors to the ecosystem.


Eventually, every living thing becomes a part of keeping the entire ecosystem in perfect balance. All the creatures become farmers alongside Chester and Molly. And the outcomes at Apricot Lane Farms are abundant and resilient, far beyond anything they could have ever dreamed of!


Imagine if this was also a picture of our organizations. Our leadership. Our cultures.


Imagine if our companies created the conditions for every customer, vendor, supplier, contractor, and every single employee to thrive – even the ones that may currently seen menacing – until we reached the point where the abundant, resilient, outcomes we produce far exceed anything we could have ever imagined, because they are a natural result of the health we have built throughout our entire organization.


This is CTLF’s mission. To develop HEART-Level Leaders so that they can create authentic, healthy, prosperous cultures for the 21st century.


A shout out to nRhythm for teaching us the regenerative framework!