A Special Message From Our CEO

Ten years ago this month, I was serving on the board of Colorado Thought Leaders Forum when we made the pivotal choice to acquire Strategic Connections, the first of several acquisitions that created and expanded the incredible community of generous, difference-makers that is CTLF today.

Decades are milestones that tell a story, and over the last four years in my current capacity as CEO and in the entire decade I have spent in this most special community, much has emerged and evolved. Much has been built:

  • A powerful mission: By developing HEART-Level Leaders, we help leaders create authentic, healthy, prosperous cultures for the 21st century.
  • A clear and aligned purpose for every program: CEO Forum, Leadership Growth Experience, Personal Development Forums, Strategic Connections, WiseWomen.
  • Ever-expanding opportunities for members to lead our programs, extending and growing their own impact and influence along the way.
  • Virtual program capabilities that transcended the pandemic.
  • Relationship-building, connection-making, impactful gatherings.
  • The most effective, capable, and collaborative team in our history.
  • The most committed and engaged board and members in our history, continuously bringing their ideas forward to improve and strengthen our work.
  • A regenerative environment more than ready and able to unleash the full potential that exists for this organization and for our members. I love the picture above, because it so beautifully captures what potential feels like.

CTLF has never been in a better position for a changing of the guard, and so it is with overwhelming optimism and excitement for the future that I will be stepping down as CEO at the end of the year.

With many leaders currently thinking deeply about the impact they want to make in the world, CTLF will no doubt have the benefit of choosing the most aligned and capable leader possible to build upon CTLF’s strong foundation and to lead onward to the possibilities ahead.

The future is coming like a wave, ready to change leadership and business culture forever. CTLF is well-positioned to not only ride that wave but to lead it. CTLF is the place for leaders to expand their thinking, challenge convention, grow as a person, and experience authentic connection with others.

As for me, I have discovered a great passion for regenerative leadership and feel called to be a part of figuring out how companies can transform into environments that truly unleash the full potential of every person. This is the way of the future and there is much work to be done to help business change to meet the challenges ahead.

It has been my honor to serve this organization for so many years, and it will be my great joy to serve with the board to advise and support the new CEO and our amazing team. Let’s think of this as a new chapter in a page-turning book. I hope you’ll be a part of writing the next chapter with us all.

And please introduce and recommend the best leaders you know for the position of President & CEO. It truly is a fantastic job!

With much love and gratitude,

Sara van Rensburg, CEO & President,

Colorado Thought Leaders Forum