2023 Spring Signature Keynote Post Event

The 2023 Spring Signature Keynote was a success! 

See below for post-event resources and information on sponsors.

On April 20th, 2023, hundreds of influential business leaders from around the Denver community gathered with CTLF, Class VI Partners, and our dynamic speaker, Dr. Tasha Eurich, for an insightful morning on The Power of Insight: How Self-Awareness Helps Leaders Connect and Grow. Tasha led a thought-provoking conversation highlighting that self-awareness is the most critical attribute for a leader’s success and she challenged guests to evaluate their own introspection to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Attendees left equipped to assess their internal and external self-awareness in order to identify roadblocks limiting their full potential for growth, both personally and professionally. 

CTLF is pleased to provide ongoing resources like access to our digital Digest (below) so that you can continue to explore ideas around self-awareness with your own leadership teams.

Also, the CTLF Spring Signature would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors who believe in our mission of fostering thought leadership and growth in our community. Their contributions are a testament to our dedication of building a stronger, more connected community of leaders. 

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We sincerely hope you enjoyed our event and gained valuable insights. As we strive to continuously improve our events, we would love to hear your feedback! Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us in this short survey.

2023 Spring Signature Keynote Digest


Thank you for joining us for a morning of valuable insights into the power of self-awareness and it’s crucial role in a leader’s success. 

Our Digest is a great way for you to apply the insights and tools gained to continue the journey towards a stronger self-awareness with your team!

Click the image to download a digital version of our 2023 Spring Signature Keynote Digest. 


Post Event Resources

Insight: The Surprising Truth About How Others See Us, How We See Ourselves, and Why the Answers Matter More Than We Think by Dr. Tasha Eurich

In Insight, you’ll learn:

  • The seven types of self-knowledge that separate the aware from the unaware.
  • The invisible roadblocks to self-awareness.
  • Why introspection doesn’t always lead to insight.
  • Why common approaches to self-awareness like therapy and journaling have hidden pitfalls.
  • The surprising habits that dramatically increase self-awareness.
  • Why few people know how other people see them and how to learn the truth on your own terms.
  • How to hear feedback without fighting or fleeing.
  • How to deal with the delusional people in your life.

Self-Awareness Quiz

Are you ready to find out how self-aware you are? The answer may not be what you think!

The five-minute Insight Quiz will help you learn more about how you, and someone who knows you well, view your self-awareness. To take the free self-awareness quiz, click the button below. 

Thank you to our generous sponsors that made the CTLF Spring Signature Keynote possible!

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