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CTLF is proud to offer valuable workshops presented by our CEO Forum Partners

November 8 workshop featuring: Capstan Tax Strategies

Jacob Wood, Regional Director, Capstan Tax Strategies

Partner Workshop presented by Capstan Tax Strategies

One of the most valuable aspects of our CTLF CEO Forum event is access to thought leadership, ideas, and resources to help you grow as a CEO, as a person, and as a company. 

You are exclusively invited to join Jacob Wood, Regional Director at Capstan Tax Strategies for a complimentary, virtual R&D Tax Credit Workshop you can’t afford to miss.

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit is a tax incentive offered to companies in any industry who create or improve a product or process as part of business activity.

Only about 20% of all eligible businesses claim this lucrative credit, simply because CEOs don’t realize that they qualify.

Owners may save 6-figures or more by cashing in on the innovative work they are already doing.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may qualify for the R&D Tax Credit:

  • Do you have a software development team?
  • Do you develop any new product – technical or physical?
  • Do you have a design/engineering team on staff?
  • Do you improve existing technology/processes?
  • Do you develop custom technical solutions?

Find Capital you Didn’t Know you Had, By Leveraging the Work you Already Do

More partner workshops coming soon!

The CTLF CEO Forum is made possible by our generous partners!