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Business resource Freecycle site.

Meeting real, tangible needs right now, when it matters most.

We’ve fast-prototyped a new platform to enable us to help one another in a powerful way! In addition to individually connecting your peers with introductions and resources, this is a broader approach that extends your reach. You can immediately begin:

  • ASKING for resources of all kinds that you need right now, in order to succeed as a company, through Wanted Posts.
  • OFFERING your company’s available resources, idle assets, jobs, staff time, goods and services that are not being utilized, through Offer posts.

The success of the platform will depend on how much we all use it to give and receive items and services. These are challenging times, and it’s going to take all of us working together to help one another in real, tangible ways. Let’s help all Colorado leaders and businesses thrive!

Our first group has launched in Metro Denver, and other sites are being set up for Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado, and Western Colorado. Thank you to for their generosity in providing this platform.

1. Signup for Freecycle

Visit the Denver Metro Business Freecycle Group page and participate.

2. Post Your Offers

What kinds of offers are meaningful?

  • A resource your company has but is not being utilized right now. (i.e. fleet vehicles and trucks, video conferencing equipment, etc.
  • Idle assets, surplus or unused items (i.e. tools, cell phones, vehicles and equipment of all kinds)
  • Extra production capacity or staff time you would like to make available (i.e. manufacturing/printing/videography surplus capacity, 20 hours of a marketing expert on your team,
  • Qualifications of laid-off employees you are trying to help find new positions. (i.e. 10 installers, 2 account managers – include their qualifications but no resumes or names)

What kinds of offers are NOT:

  • Sales or marketing. No sales and marketing posts will be permitted, even if for example you are doing so by offering a free hour of consulting.
  • No money can be posted or exchanged on this platform.
  • Offering People: Posting oneself or another person from the human species is not allowed. You can, however, post that you have team members who are now looking for jobs due to layoffs or other reasons and make those connections.

3. List your WANTED resources or items

How to write a WANTED post:

Just like in Offers, ideal posts are for resources, needed items, production capacity or staff time, and employees you need right now.

  • Your Resource Name
  • A description of your resource
  • Any other information that is relevant.

What WANTED posts are not:

  • Sales or marketing. No sales and marketing posts will be permitted, as there are other platforms for this.
  • Transactions. No money can be posted or exchanged on this platform.

Our Why

Denver Metro Business Freecycle has been created for local businesses to use to exchange excess resources, idle assets, jobs, staff time, goods and services to help each other out in a time of need.

The success of the network will depend on how much we all use it to give and get items and services. So please do use the site to post your available and unutilized resources and items, which may currently be idle and able to benefit another business or individual who needs them.

Denver Metro Business Freecycle was set up by the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum in collaboration with The Freecycle Network, a global non-profit organization created to reduce waste on the planet by helping people share their unused resources).

It is the world’s first regional Business Freecycle group! Please let us know what is working, where we can improve things and how we can evolve the network to make it work better for you. This group will be moderated to ensure those who join are doing so for a business purpose, rather than sharing individual resources as Freecycle is traditionally meant to share.

Denver Metro Business Freecycle is hosted by (R) and builds on its tried and tested infrastructure and protocols. The network is set up for free exchange only, please do take note of the general Freecycle Guidelines below.

If you have any comments or want to play a part in helping to develop this network, please click the “contact moderators” link above. Let’s help one another during this critical time and be better for it.

Thank you,

Sara van Rensburg
Denver Metro Business Freecycle Site Lead
CEO, Colorado Thought Leaders Forum

Terms and Conditions


(last updated March 24, 2020)

WELCOME TO DENVER METRO BUSINESS FREECYCLE.  The Colorado Thought Leaders Forum in collaboration with The Freecycle Network, a global non-profit organization created to reduce waste in the planet by helping people share their unused resources, formed the Denver Metro Business Freecycle (“DMB Freecycle”), with the goal of assisting local businesses exchange their excess resources, staff time, goods and services during this time of need.  We hope you find this website and the service offered herein useful.
By accessing or otherwise interacting with this DMB Freecycle website (the “Site”) or using any services, content or postings on the Site (collectively, the “Service“), you agree to all of these Terms of Use (collectively, “Terms“). You acknowledge and agree that this Site is a private site owned and operated by [DMB Freecycle]. If you are accessing or using this Site or the Services (the Site and the Service hereafter collectively referred to as “Denver Freecycle”) on behalf of a business, you represent and warrant to DMB Freecycle that you have authority to, and do, accept all Terms on behalf of that business and that such business agrees to, and is bound by, all terms and condition of these Terms. If you do not agree to all Terms, then you are not authorized to, and may not, access or use Denver Freecycle or any portion thereof.
We may modify the Terms at any time in our sole discretion. You are responsible for periodically checking for changes and are bound by such changes in the event you continue to use Denver Freecycle. Our privacy policy ([URL]), and all other policies, site rules, and agreements referenced below or on Freecycle, are fully incorporated into these Terms, and you agree to all of them as well.
LICENSE. If you agree to all Terms and (i) are of sufficient age and capacity to use Denver Freecycle and be bound by the Terms, or (ii) have sufficient authority to use Denver Freecycle on behalf of a business, thereby binding that business to the Terms, then we grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-assignable license to use Denver Freecycle in compliance with the Terms; unlicensed use is unauthorized. You agree not to display, “frame,” make derivative works, distribute, license, or sell, content from Denver Freecycle. You grant us a perpetual, irrevocable, unlimited, worldwide, fully paid/sublicensable license to use, copy, display, distribute, and make derivative works from content you post.
USE. Unless licensed by us in a separate written or electronic agreement, you agree not to use or provide software (except general purpose web browsers) or services that interact or interoperate with Denver Freecycle, e.g. for downloading, uploading, creating/accessing/using an account, emailing, or searching. You agree not to copy or collect Denver Freecycle content via robots, spiders, scripts, scrapers, crawlers, or any automated or manual equivalent (e.g., by hand). Misleading, unsolicited, and/or unlawful postings/communications/accounts are prohibited, as is buying or selling accounts.


This is not a sales and marketing platform, so do not post your products and services as OFFERS, including, for example, OFFER: One-hour free consultation for businesses…  These types of sales posts will be removed.

Share jobs you have available. Share about team members (confidentially) who you may have had to lay off or have extra time available to help another company.

Share assets and resources you have available. Share free items and inventory you have available. As long as you have it to give to help another company and it is not a sales effort or is aligned with the Freecycle standards, you may share it, so be creative offering anything you believe will greatly benefit another business right now.

Ask for items you need but cannot currently afford. Ask for help filling a key position you have open in your company. Ask for products or services you need right now.

The more specific your posts, the more likely someone will be able to receive your help or meet your needs.


KEEP IT FREE, LEGAL & APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES. This means, for example, no pornography, no alcohol, no tobacco, no drugs (of any kind, including all medicines, vitamins, creams, etc.), no firearms or other weapons.

SUBJECT LINE OF POSTS: OFFER: Available trucks (Downtown) TAKEN: Available trucks [Used in conjunction with an Offer] WANTED: Shipping Boxes (Main & Broadway) [Please use this post sparingly and don’t offer money.] RECEIVED: Shipping Boxes [Used in conjunction with a Wanted] ADMIN: [Used by group moderators – local policy issues, etc.]

WANTED POSTS ARE TO BE USED SPARINGLY. NO POLITICS, NO SPAM, NO MONEY, NO PERSONAL ATTACKS/RUDENESS, NO PROSELYTIZING/RELIGION. NO SWAPS/TRADING PLEASE. Go to your local swap/trading organization for this. With Freecycle, though, there are no strings attached.

NO PERSONAL ADS. Posting oneself or another person from the human species is not allowed. There are many fine Internet dating sites better suited to this purpose. NO POSTS ABOUT ANIMALS FOR BREEDING OR FOOD PURPOSES. Beyond this, some groups do allow non-breeding-related posts to find new homes for pets, but ask that it be kept legal and lovingly careful. Other groups prefer not to allow pet postings.

BE NICE. A brief note on Freecycle etiquette: we are all volunteers and we’ve got a great little community here so when you arrange to pick up an item from another Freecycle member, it is basic good manners to accommodate them as much as possible in terms of scheduling, and then be punctual; they are, after all, giving you something you need and asking nothing in return except that you will show up when you say you will. Also, unless the giver tells you otherwise, assume that they would like you to come by as soon as you can to take away the item.

PICK UP. Arrange as you like. Generally, you’ll wait until you get a handful of responses or maybe overnight, and then you can pick whomever you like! That’s half the fun. Arrange pickup with one person only. Otherwise you’ll become unpopular pretty quickly with your fellow Freecycle group members. Also, only give your phone number to one person at a time or ask for the recipient’s phone number. Otherwise you’ll get swamped with phone calls.

SAFETY. Be aware! It is up to each individual member of Freecycle when arranging for pickup of the item being given away to be appropriately aware of the potential risk of having “a stranger” come to your office to pick something up. Freecycle as an organization assumes no responsibility for this risk. You may want to arrange to meet in a public place or leave the item without mentioning whether or not you will be there at the time of pickup. Copyright © 2003 The Freecycle Network ( All rights reserved. and the logo are registered trademarks of The Freecycle Network.

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