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September/October 2022                     A hand forward. A hand back.

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Time to Face the Fox

Is there anything you have thought about doing for days, weeks or even months or years?  According to the Scientific Advisory Board, ‘it can be because we’re scared or anxious, don’t feel competent or don’t know where to start’.  There may be many reasons, but I’ve found that fear sits at the base for me.

 This discovery starts years ago when a group of Wise Women and I met with a Jungian Psychologist for Dream Interpretation.  It was fascinating in so many ways, but one of the first questions she asked is if any of us had recurring dreams, as a child or even up to today – most of us did – mine happens to start this discovery.

A two legged fox would chase me around the block as a kid til he caught me and then would tickle me so hard I couldn’t yell for help…then I would wake up in a terror!  Sounds crazy, but it taught me fear sure as anything.  

The psychologist role plays with you and the offending character and clear answers appear almost magically in response to why he would want to hurt me:

“I never wanted to hurt you or even scare you.  I just wanted to tell you that all you ever need to do is turn around and face what is pursuing you….I will never hurt you but there will always be something to learn”.

The dream was gone forever – and since then whenever I become aware I am avoiding something or feeling fear….it’s time to Face the Fox!  

This year for my birthday, I made a choice TO FACE THE FOX – all year with all the things I have avoided for so long.  #1 – skydive from a plane at 10,000 feet – and I did it – and it was a blast!  The first of many times I will be facing the fox!  If you happen to notice me shrinking away from something or avoiding it, just remind me to “FACE THE FOX!” 

Take a few minutes and think of all the things you are avoiding, putting off or just know you are terrified to do but really do want to do – stop – turn around – and face it – once and for all.  The moment you know you are facing it – the fear dissipates and believe it or not you get it done!

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    November Dine Around & Board Discussion Hosted by Carolyn Paul on November 3 at 6pm (Location: Lafayette)

    November Dine Around Hosted by Rebecca Hea on November 5 at 11am (Location: Littleton)

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    Highline Canal Exploration: Segment 4 Hosted by Julie Tschida Brown & Laura Belsten on November 12 at 9am

    High Tea at the Lumber Baron Inn Hosted by Social & Community Cohort on November 12 at 9am *WAIT LIST OPEN*

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    The Corporate Board Engagement and Connection committee is hosting a combined Dine Around and Board discussion.

    Jane Everhart and Mary McBride will share their journey to getting on a corporate board and preparing for a board interview. 

    Carolyn Paul is hosting the Dine Around at her home in Lafayette. Please join for this robust discussion.


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