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July 2022                     A hand forward. A hand back.

Wisdom Corner: Resources to help you expand your thinking and grow as a person

FUN!!  Do we do it enough?  Do we think about it enough?  When was the last time we actually jumped off the dock and had FUN?? 

Lets start by giving ourselves more ways to say….fun: 

To party or revel excessively or noisily!…Whoop it up!…Celebrate!….Enjoy!…Make merry!….Party!….Rave!….Carouse!…Have a party!…MAKE WHOOPEE!….Revel!…Roister!….Step on out!…Have a blast!…Get wild and crazy!…Junket!….Live large!…Have a ball!…Paint the town!….Go out on the town!…Push the boat out!…Let your hair down!….Feast!…There are probably a hundred different ways we may have fun.  If you haven’t done one of these (hopefully more!) or any number of others – it’s time to Just DO It! 

Here are some simple – off the wall ideas for making life, work and everything more fun:  

  • Start with a 30 second timer – when you say go everyone must start to look at each other and laugh, as loud as you can – if someone is not laughing everyone goes up to them and starts laughing uproariously making sure all are laughing.  The secret is to get all laughing – you will find out that the energy rises, and at the end, people have tears in their eyes and it even takes awhile to stop laughing…at nothing! 
  • Impromptu meeting outside – whoever said all meetings should be in the office??  Have a walking meeting, or sitting outside on the balcony meeting (if you are still meeting remotely, all can sit outside somewhere at their home office or even in a different room and let everyone else know how they have changed up the scenery. 
  • Surprise your significant other, partner or spouse with a ‘date-night’ and go somewhere you normally would not go…maybe for a walk around the lake, a picnic dinner or a comedy club? 
  • Start a meeting with a wellness moment – someone comes prepared with a short meditation or a favorite exercise for all to share in, or a new diet tip or amazing healthy recipe? 
  • Scavenger hunt!  At home with the little ones or at work – come up with a list of crazy (or meaningful) things for all to find – the end result might be that the items tell a story, or come up with a new way of doing something!  
  • Hire a bus for a day and take the team on an old fashioned ‘field trip’.  Maybe to a museum, the zoo or wild animal park – get people out of the office to see and experience something new and be able to talk in a completely different environment 
  • Go for a hike! 
  • Turn on some music and dance – especially if no one is watching!  Or even if everybody is watching everybody else – get some energy back in the space!  This is a great thing to do every hour when you are working at home – stand up and MOVE to some tunes you love! 

Start every meeting with a little fun: 

The meeting is a modern workplace constant. Infuse each meeting with a little fun to build a culture everyone wants to be a part of. Even just 5 minutes of jokes or games can be exactly what someone needs to have a much better day. 

  • Office trivia game….who knew….
  • Joke of the day  
  • Everyone starts with one little known fact about themselves that no one would guess 
  • Think of your own 

Would you like to add to the Wisdom Corner? Send your wisdom to Nancy Sullivan and Kimberly Lucas. 

Upcoming Dine Arounds

Bolded items are new from last month

August Dine Around Hosted by Laura Belsten on August 11 at 6pm (Location: Castle Pines)

September Dine Around Hosted by Maggie Drucker on September 22 at 6:30pm (Location: Aurora)

October Dine Around Hosted by Kim Carver on October 6 at 6:30pm (Location: Centennial)

November Dine Around Hosted by Rebecca Hea on November 5 at 11am (Location: Littleton)

Interested in hosting a Dine Around in the future? Email Hillary Biskner at hillarybiskner@gmail.com

Upcoming Gatherings and Activities

Bolded items are new from last month

Highline Canal Exploration: Bike Segment 23-27 Hosted by Julie Tschida Brown & Laura Belsten on August 14 at 9am

Highline Canal Exploration: Segment 12 & 13 Hosted by Julie Tschida Brown & Laura Belsten on September 17 at 9am

Highline Canal Exploration: Segment 14 & 15 Hosted by Julie Tschida Brown & Laura Belsten on October 16 at 9am

Highline Canal Exploration: Segment 4 Hosted by Julie Tschida Brown & Laura Belsten on November 12 at 9am

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  • The Advisory Board Ambassadors Cohort will meet your guest, evaluate her rubric, and approve new members

Upcoming Virtual Prospect Coffees: click on the dates below to register you and a guest for a virtual coffee

Wednesday, August 17, 8-9am


Holiday Tea 

Lumber Baron Inn  |  December 7th  |  4-6pm
Built in 1890, The Lumber Baron Inn is a Victorian B&B that boasts an in-house executive chef, period style rooms, and a traditional Afternoon Tea service. We have rented their large parlor for our private tea!


Parking is on neighborhood streets so plan to arrive early to find a spot, carpooling recommended.


Tea price includes unlimited tea of your choice and a lovely menu of scones, crumpets, berry house jam, fresh lemon curd, English whipped clotted cream, assorted fancy finger sandwiches, cookies, and fresh baked goods.


There will be a separate cash bar for cocktails for those who want it, not included in the tea price.


REMINDER: Event registration cancellation policy

You must provide 48-hours advance notice of your cancellation to Lindy Lieg at CTLF to receive a refund.  

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My title recently changed from Vice President Tax & Compliance to Vice President Sustainability & Compliance.  It’s a change I’ve been working towards for the past year and signals Simpson’s commitment to our ESG program.  I’m proud to be the first executive with a sustainability/ESG focus in the company’s history.

Have any news or achievements to share?

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Welcome to our newest WiseWomen!

Amy Friel

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