David Kendall, Founder, Attorney & CEO, Bold Legal LLC

As an entrepreneur who happens to have a law degree, David relishes being the champion of underdogs in all aspects of life. David’s business is focused on mergers and acquisitions, securities and credit finance, and helping a multitude of clients in connection with strategic business decisions and legal matters. David serves as board member of several non-profit organizations, and his HEART level leading has become most evident in this recent story…

“My involvement had to start with a humble acknowledgement that I had a rudimentary understanding of the issues and need to learn from others. I got involved because I authentically cared about the issue and wanted to truly deeply engage with others to address systemic racism—for me, a public statement of support without action in support would lack integrity. CIE’s goal is to foster a regenerative business and social environment in which people of color were able to achieve higher levels of health and well-being. CIE’s colossal goal will require the entire business community to work together to remedy and overcome centuries of oppression and abuse. The journey will be long and we will get further together.”

We love David’s humility and authenticity in his venture with CIE, and thank him for his extraordinary service on the CTLF Board of Advisors. If you don’t already know David, check him out on LinkedIn, or you can catch him rooting for the Blue Devils!