Following nRhythm’s six principles of regenerative business – developmental, nodal, evolutionary, uniqueness, interdependence and holism – as our guide, CTLF has embarked on a journey to share these structures with our community. We believe these qualities are critical to the future of healthy, prosperous, purpose-driven cultures. As a member of the CTLF community, you play an integral role in helping to shape the future of leadership in the 21st century. In the months to come, we will be providing a steady supply of thought leadership content around what it means to be a regenerative business and the impact it can have on your company and your community. We’re kicking off this series by diving a little deeper into the first principle: Developmental.

Principle #1: Developmental  

Regenerative businesses are keenly focused on promoting the growth and healthy development of all members. Just like any organic ecosystem, companies and organizations are also living systems—full of diverse humans all in a continuous state of growth and development. Ultimately, the health of that system is intrinsically tied to the health of its members.

Imagine a work culture where team members are encouraged to learn and grow, progressing within their current role—or perhaps even in a different role within the company that is of interest to them—with the full support of leadership and the team. Ecosystems that are less rigid are naturally more resilient and better at adapting to change.

For businesses, that may translate into less turnover and greater employee engagement. That means more time devoted to fulfilling your mission and less time hiring, rehiring, and training new people. For employees, this developmental mindset can lead to greater sense of worth and fulfillment in their roles, greater alignment with the company and its goals, and avoiding feeling unchallenged or stagnant.

These benefits can have a profound trickle-down effect in our personal lives, families, and communities. When we design and operate our organizations in a way that creates the conditions for each person to grow and thrive in harmony, everyone benefits.

Watch your inbox for the next installment of our regenerative business principles series! Next up: Nodal.