The Colorado CEO Forum, the most impactful CEO leadership community in the Rocky Mountain Region, proudly presents an extraordinary hybrid live/virtual event with one of the most successful founders in America, Paul Sarvadi of Insperity.




THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 7:30 – 10:30 AM

Make no mistake. We’re on a mission here. 

The Colorado CEO Forum is redefining what modern leadership and business culture looks like today and well into the future. 

We are hosting a powerful and transformative experience designed to greatly expand your capacity to lead.

Prepare for a breakthrough.

Breakthrough CEOs have learned the secret to mastering the four phases of growth: startup, growth, maturity, and decline or renewal. Paul Sarvadi has done exactly that, successfully leading his company through challenges a wide range of challenges and seasons of growth. Now, he wants to share his priceless insights to help other CEOs break through five key barriers to achieve long-term, sustainable success.
Whether you’re evolving your business model, achieving predictable year-over-year growth, formalizing operating systems, hiring for key leadership roles, or even tweaking your start-up model for bigger growth, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to achieve the clarity every breakthrough CEO must possess.

Know that the moves you’re making are the right ones. Be certain that our leadership is enough to go the distance.  

Who It’s For

We believe a CEO’s capacity to thrive has everything to do with the caliber of their leadership, the way their roles are designed, and the people with whom they surround themselves. Therefore, the CEO Forum is for CEOs and Presidents ONLY. 

The Experience

This is not your average, ho-hum Zoom call! Get ready for a world-class experience like no other!

  • Live, limited and socially distanced event, streamed to 1,000+ CEOs
  • John Garrett, Emmy-nominated comedian, corporate speaker and author
  • Paul Sarvadi of Insperity, one of the most successful founders in America
  • Virtual breakout sessions curated for connection with “true peers”
  • Peer stories and game-changing insights from the CEOs who are leading some of the most successful and innovative companies in Colorado, our CEO Forum partners 
  • Deep dive and virtual Q&A sessions with direct, immediately useful insights 
  • How-to welcome video with tips on how engaging with the event
  • Host party package delivered to viewing party host
  • World-class technology platform provided by CEAVCO Audio Visual 



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$1,000 Satellite Host Package 

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About Our Speakers


He founded Insperity in 1986 and over the last 33 years, he has successfully led his company through all its game-changing decisions, pivots, challenges and changes. Under his leadership, Insperity has moved through the startup, growth, expansion and going public phases, and achieved revenues of $4 billion in 2019. Paul has successfully walked through the lonely, daunting peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship, and he has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs with practical, tangible advice that makes a real impact.

Paul knows that a CEO’s success depends on their people, and he has learned that “taking care of your people is not rocket science. In fact, rocket science would be easier. It involves math and science — it works the same every day. But as soon as you put people in the mix, what worked yesterday might not work today.”

Paul has gone through immeasurable growth as a CEO and has evolved to be the leader his company – and his people – needed, at every phase of the journey. He is an intentional, driven, results-oriented CEO who has experienced a level of success that only happens by intentionally developing oneself as a leader.


With 2,108 stage appearances, John is on a mission to help leaders break down barriers, foster unity and strengthen bonds with a different approach – laughter! Being a CEO is a serious job and it can be all-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be too serious. In fact, it can be funny. Really funny. Think “stand-up comedy” meets a message worth sharing.

Accounting Today named John Garrett one of the most influential people this past year, for turning the profession upside down with the human side. His book, “What’s Your (And): Unlock the Person Within the Professional”, is an extension of years of live presentations to companies, where he helps them develop stronger cultures and experience higher levels of performance by bringing the whole person to work.

John’s opening act and emcee role will bring levity and humor to the role you can’t possibly understand unless you’ve been there – the role of being a CEO.

The CEO Forum is made possible by our generous partners! 


“So many of the leaders within CTLF, and their companies, have been integral to elevating our company on many levels as trusted advisor.”


“CTLF’s events are world-class. Even with my demanding schedule, the CEO Forum is an event I never want to miss, and time on my schedule worth protecting.”