Sara van Rensburg

CEO & President

A fifth-generation native to Colorado, Sara van Rensburg has a long career in business organizations, spanning organizations like Colorado Chamber Foundation and Denver Metro Chamber. She then spent several years leading a technology consulting firm and gained invaluable experience as a business owner. By this point, she had already learned a great deal about building community, but had yet to find her niche.  

In 2011, Sara jumped feet first into a brand new concept that launched as the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum in 2009. The intention – to develop HEART-Level Leaders so that we can create authentic, healthy, prosperous cultures everywhere we go.  

While developing and refining the vision of CTLF, Sara had an epiphany – real community should always have an impact – a “…so that.” She believes that a community should elevate, serve and move its members towards an end goal. Her goal at CTLF: to redefine what modern leadership and business looks like today and well into the future. 

Sara and her husband, have 3 children and share a love of the outdoors, travel and adventure, and she is enjoys creative interests like art and cooking. Her greatest joy comes from exploring, generating and pursuing new and fresh ideas.