Max Gerson, Lead Strategist & Owner, Brand Wolfe

As the heart, soul and driving force of Brand Wolfe, Max is intentional, creative and quick to switch into “inspire” mode. The three core values that drive Max’s instincts are giving, solving and protecting. After nearly two decades in sales, marketing and branding, Max has become an expert in reading the entire map as well as picking out the smaller details. His ability to see both and to combine both views makes for an elevated and unique experience for his clients.

“What I want for my clients is the same thing that I want for my family, my community, my chapter and myself – intentionality. I believe the reason that our entire global society is in the state that it is in, is because we have stopped making decisions. The world is moving too fast and so often all we have time to do is react. If we can all slow down and decide-to-decide, we will all make much better decisions.

Max’s greatest wish is that we were all more interested in EDI solutions for our collective business community. Connect with Max to hear about his thoughts on EDI, and to learn more about his creative process in helping clients tell their story. Don’t forget to ask him why he’s the “world’s worst Factory Trained Audi Technician!”