Matt Brower is an innovative entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, mentor, and collaborator. He entered the commercial real estate industry in 2002 and co-founded CCP, a full service CRE brokerage firm, in late 2011. Matt brings a fresh outlook and innovative approach to the CRE industry and business community. He understands the value of building long term relationships based on trust and loyalty, and thus thrives on the strong network he has built with clients and strategic partners across the country.

In 2019, Matt became very interested in helping other innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs increase their exposure and inspire others. He created The Industry Alchemist Podcast, where listeners can hear the stories of these entrepreneurs as they push their industry, and our lives forward.

With a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Arizona State University, a Real Estate Employing Broker License from the State of Colorado and Landmark Education, in addition to his rich experience as an entrepreneur, Matt has devoted a lot of work and effort to discovering his “why.”

What drives me is helping others create the life they are committed to. Building strong strategic partnerships in the community, mentoring my team members at CCP, helping business owners make smart real estate decisions and interviewing innovative entrepreneurs on The Industry Alchemist Podcast are a few ways that I do this.

Matt is a Calisthenic and Gymnastics Strength Training athlete, and serves as a brand advocate for Club Calisthenics (an online calisthenics training program). Check out Matt’s next podcast, on The Industry Alchemist Podcast, and be sure to connect with him to hear about his expertise in personal growth and introspection, which has allowed him to live a truly created life!