Tell us a little bit about how you came to join CTLF?
When I launched my consulting practice after years in corporate leadership, I knew I wanted to find something different in terms of a community that would challenge me to new ways of thinking and encourage my personal learning and growth. I attended my first CTLF event in 2014—and I quickly knew that I had found something very special. We are very fortunate to have Colorado Thought Leaders Forum working hard to build a healthy, vibrant, dynamic and engaged community of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

What are your hopes and aspirations for CTLF as you assume this new role?
It is really both an honor and a privilege to “hold this space” as we search for our new CEO. We have an amazing staff that is passionate about our mission and delivering great value to all our members. My goal is to serve them (and CTLF) well by providing whatever is needed to ensure we not only thrive, but flourish, as we enter into this next chapter of CTLF’s leadership and history. Surely, we are poised to continue to do great things together!

What does life look like outside of your business and CTLF?
I am married to a wonderful man, David— who also happens to be my business partner.  We have three adorable pups: Hilo, Kahu and Kailua who make us laugh every single day!  Together, we love hiking and exploring all the majesty that is Colorado.  We are also pretty obsessed with all things Hawaiian—and love spending time on the Big Island.