SpiralMethod, is accessible, vast, and simple-and immensely powerful to build community and engagement. If you loved the SpiralMethod experience at the CTLF CEO Forum, have experienced elements of it at CTLF gatherings, or realized its full potential in our peer groups, here are three ways to bring its impact into your business and all your relationships.

We hope these gifts help you make the mot of the special, intentional time the holidays bring to be with others.


Gift 1. Play Finish the Sentence with Colleagues, Friends, and Family

At the CEO Forum, we played Finish the Sentence with the intention of bringing awareness to your vocation, inspiring new insights and actions around your time and attention, and bringing you closer to your vocation. In just 20 minutes, you developed rich connection with the people at your table.

Now you can take this simple and effective exercise to the people you serve! Bring the following questions to your team —or your family at Thanksgiving — with the intention of cultivating deeper connection. Ask them to Finish the Sentence! Remember to prompt your group to answer in one sentence or one word.

  • The things that’s been top of mind for me lately is …
  • The place I’m developing myself (as a leader) is…
  • If you really knew me you’d know…
  • Looking to the future, one obstacle or fear that I have is…
  • I’m excited about….
  • How I want to be remembered is…


Gift 2: Experience a full SpiralMethod Session

Participate in a complimentary 90-minute SpiralMethod experience with Leslie Jones and Greg Greenwood and experience its full potential.  Discover how a SpiralMethod session builds community and enhances communication. Register today for one or both free sessions.

December 8 – 8:00-9:30 am

December 9 – 8:00-9:30 am


Gift 3: Go deeper with a free SpiralMethod Consultation

Schedule your (:30) complimentary one-on-one consultation to discover how you can best use SpiralMethod within your company.