Over the past several months, we’ve been exploring HEART-level leadership and its potential to redefine for good what it means to lead a healthy, prosperous business in the 21st century. Needless to say, we believe it’s an idea whose time has not only come, but is long overdue in its arrival—especially when you consider:

  • Top-down, C-centric leadership practices of generations past no longer resonate with today’s workforce
  • Corporate scandals like Enron, certain large banks, and TYCO have eroded trust in business leadership over time
  • Businesses that value people and their well-being as a driver of success are the exception, not the rule
  • Today’s business community looks and functions much differently than the traditional 8-5 office model
  • Remote working has dramatically transformed how companies, teams, and customers interact
  • The pandemic and increasing societal tension has people examining what’s really important to them

HEART-level Leadership

We understand the relationship between confidence and humility. We know ourselves and our limitations well, routinely esteeming others and giving credit where credit is due for the benefit of the organization.

We strive to remove obstacles that may prevent us from truly engaging with our employees and/or prevent them from earnestly engaging in their work as part of healthy, thriving culture.

We have a strong sense of self. We appreciate that knowing—and be known by—others is one of our deepest human needs. We place a high value on authenticity as a desirable trait and we encourage others to do the same.

Because people are constantly growing and developing, we design and operate our organizational ecosystem in a way that nurtures and supports this growth—because that’s how our companies will thrive.

It’s not about us. It’s about the good that teams, companies, and communities can accomplish together. As we are often fond of saying around CTLF, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Of course, HEART-level leadership is just one part of the equation. Every day, CTLF is advancing our mission through programs, curricula, groups, events, and the collective wisdom of CTLF members. Here’s the bottom line:

For people who are called to lead with purpose and help others do the same, CTLF creates opportunities to defy convention, expand your thinking, grow as a person, and experience authentic connection.

So, how about it? Is the business community ready for the kind of impact CTLF and HEART-level leadership can have on the world? Can we truly help to create healthy, prosperous, purpose-driven business leaders for the 21st century?

We don’t just think so.

We know so.