Often when we interact with others, it is difficult to know what to give or how to help. So, where can you start?

STEP 1: What did I learn?
Whenever another person speaks, we have an opportunity to learn something about him or her. He may give away challenges or needs through the way he tells a story. She may reveal her interests, passions in the things she talks about. Become a skilled listener, peeling back the layers in a conversation to learn something about each person.

STEP 2: What questions do I have?
When we actively listen to another person and engage in a conversation, we think of questions – things we want to know more about in order to fully understand. Those questions tell us even more about a person. Build a habit of listening to understand and ask questions so that you can know someone better in every interaction.

STEP 3: What can I give?
There are always opportunities to help someone in creative ways. Give from your C.O.R.E. – Connections, Opportunities, Resources, and Expertise by matching what you have to give with what you learn and know about another person.


Who do you know, what organizations are you connected to, who are your strongest contacts?

What opportunities do you know about? What opportunities can you create to fill a need?

What do you have that can help? Books, articles, events, memberships, alliances, and more…

What do you know about? What have you learned? How can you share your expertise to help another person?