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Our community is full of leaders who are committed to continual improvement and those who see the status quo, and frankly, believe they can do better. Here in Colorado, business is done not in silos but through connections with other people – and relationships are highly valued. CTLF creates events that exemplify these Colorado values of thought leadership and connection.

Because you are a leader in the community who invests yourself and your company in these values, we invite you to join us, serving, educating, facilitating and leading our community.

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Molly Bloom, a young Olympic-class skier from Loveland, ran the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game for a decade before becoming an FBI target. Her players included Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, business titans, and finally, unbeknownst to her, the Russian mob.

  • What would you do if one morning everything you worked for vanished before your eyes?
  • What if you realized that the path you chose was not good for your soul?
  • What if the choice before you meant compromising your values or starting over from scratch, with nothing?
  • What if you could start all over again and do something that matters?

Join us on October 3rd and hear Molly’s powerful story of success, power, despair, loss, and reinvention.


CEO’s, Owners, & Proven Leaders


Wednesday, October 3rd 7:00-10:00am


Infinity Park Event Center

“I was forced to face myself. To lose everything. To fall on my face in front of the world, and the lessons I learned on the way up were just as valuable as the ones on the way down. I know that this time, I will use everything I have learned to do something that matters.” ~Molly Bloom  

Community Testimonials

“If you want to go somewhere it is best to find someone who has already been there.”

Robert Kiyosaki

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.”

Keith Ferrazzi

“It’s the most generous group of leaders I’ve ever encountered. As a service provider, it was phenomenal for my business development, and as a leader, I am fed in each meeting of Strategic Connections”


“Networking is an enrichment program, not an entitlement program.”

Susan Roane

“The CTLF programs in which I participate are the most impactful that I have experienced of any programs facilitating learning and relationship building that are available in CO.”


Colorado Thought Leaders Forum-Past Events.

CTLF Summer Networking Event

June 6th,  2018

Thank you to all who made the 2018 Summer Networking Event one for the ages.  From our partners to Three Tomatoes Catering, you made this year’s sell-out event truly special. 

Most importantly, thank you to all who were in attendance. 

CTLF partners, members, and guests, we are grateful for your support and are blessed to have such strong leaders that make up the CTLF community. 

The Performance Edge

John King & Jerry Dackerman – March 2nd,  2018

Achieving peak performance isn’t a mystery, it’s an art and a science. John King, co-author of New York Times best-seller Tribal Leadership, and Jerry Dackerman, CEO of Integral Performance, revealed the neuroscience behind how to crack the code to elevate team and organizational performance. 

These cutting-edge scientific findings have enabled companies worldwide to transform their culture and significantly improve team performance.

John and Jerry facilitated a discussion that answered the biggest questions we all face as business leaders surrounding team performance and alignment. 

CTLF Signature Event

Tom Rath Keynote – May 25th,  2017

In what Tom Rath calls “The science of daily experiences,” he provided proven research to the three key elements that contribute to one’s level of fulfillment.  Through his extensive research, Tom has found that improving these critical components of one’s daily experiences, advances not only our level of happiness but significantly increases fulfillment and meaning in one’s life.

At the CTLF Keynote in 2017. Tom took a much deeper dive into his discoveries and how we can immediately implement simple strategies to help bring more “meaning” into our work, personal state of well-being, and health.

To watch this event, visit our YouTube page here.

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