Decades are milestones that tell a story, and over the last decade of CTLF’s story, much has emerged and evolved. Much has been built. CTLF has never been in a better position to unleash its full potential as an organization.  

Below is Q&A about the transition, and we will add to it as new information becomes available. Check back whenever you want to check in about our progress…

Meet Diane Zile, CTLF's new Interim CEO

CTLF has appointed Diane Zile to serve as Interim CEO on a part-time basis, while we take the time needed to find the right leader for the next phase of CTLF. Sara van Rensburg will be working closely with Diane during this transition time and will continue to be involved in the future of CTLF. The benefit to an interim role is providing the team and organization with the operational support we need to be successful, while enabling our outgoing CEO, Sara van Rensburg, to give her attention to equipping the new leader and team to carry on the mission far into the future.

Diane Zile is the Founder and CEO of JERA Partnerships, LLC, a strategic consulting organization that links business strategy with people strategy. She has more than 20 years of strategic business experience at Fortune 500 companies, including Level 3 Communications, YUM! Brands and Macy’s. Diane also held the role of Chief People Officer at OtterBox, a company frequently recognized for their engaging culture and innovative people practices and nationally recognized as a “Great Place to Work” during her tenure.

Diane graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Towson University and received her Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University. She speaks nationally on the topics of Unifying Business Strategy & People Strategy, Authentic & Enduring Leadership, Organizational Structure, Design & Culture and Team Development & Effectiveness.

Diane was recognized in 2019 as the “Heart-Level Leader” Award winner by the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum and as a “Change Maker” by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Within CTLF, Diane has Chaired our WiseWomen Advisory Board for the past two years and has transformed the program into a highly engaging community of executive women, and the shared leadership model she designed and implemented is second to none. Diane also serves on CTLF’s Board of Advisors and has worked closely with the team over the last year to develop a strategic plan capable of helping CTLF unleash its full potential as an organization in the coming years.

She is passionate about theatre and the arts as well giving back to the community, and she currently serves on the board of the Adams County Regional Economic Partnership. Diane enjoys traveling with her husband David and hiking in the foothills and mountains of Colorado with their pups, Hilo, Kahu & Kailua.

Highlights from CTLF's 2022 Vision and Plan

Our vision is to lead the way in transforming businesses into thriving regenerative organizations that unleash the potential in people, starting with CTLF. Any time a person or organization wishes to transform anything, it takes a high degree of commitment combined with a clear plan for how to get there. With the help of CTLF’s board member, Diane Zile, we have identified five strategic initiatives we will pursue over the next 3-5 years, to achieve our vision:

  1. Develop CTLF to be an evermore regenerative ecosystem
  2. Expand shared leadership opportunities
  3. Create the conditions for a high return on engagement in CTLF 
  4. Expand and strengthen brand awareness and promise
  5. Develop consistent and scalable processes and systems

In the New Year, we’ll share more about what each strategy means and how we plan to achieve it. For now, we will highlight one strategic initiative that we will begin with in 2022: Expand shared leadership opportunities.

We are excited to develop a new, clear, detailed leadership structure for CTLF, to ensure sustainability for CTLF far into the future. We’ll be focusing on a few key objectives:

  • Clearly define Advisory Board and committee roles that enable members to be empowered decision-makers
  • Ensure leaders understand who CTLF is and what it looks like to be an aligned decision-maker in this organization
  • Create clear definition and distinction between our member leadership roles and our team’s leadership responsibilities
  • Build structures that allow our members to evolve this leadership model with us

Why does this matter? 

Well, first off, it’s impossible to thrive without being able to contribute and make decisions without hesitation or doubt. This is a key step to unleash even more of the potential in our members and to help you thrive through your engagement in CTLF! , know that our aim is this one clear purpose.

Second, this work paves the way for a project we can’t wait to dive into: creating a CTLF Engagement Roadmap! If new and current leaders can come into this organization, join, know exactly how to get involved, gain experience, and begin to progressively contribute and lead in meaningful ways, we know this will positively impact the return on engagement our members receive!

In short, while there is still work to do to develop these objectives into an executable plan, our aim is clear. We value you and are focused on helping you thrive in this very special CTLF community!

How do you see this transition benefiting me as a member?

One of the best things about CTLF is the shared model of leadership and opportunity for members to receive value and contribute value at the same time.

  • Every program is led by an Advisory Board of members
  • The organization’s vision, mission, and strategies are co-designed with our Board of Advisors

We designed CTLF for shared leadership, because it’s far more resilient and sustainable. It’s exciting, really. I think my departure will enable even more opportunities for you to influence our future. This is what mutual benefit looks like, and it’s our chief aim!

It’s our great hope that CTLF will produce abundant outcomes for you and for our Colorado business community by creating the conditions for you, as members, to unleash your full potential. And as you thrive, your impact will transform your environments at home, at work, and in the community.

This is how missions are achieved. This is how movements happen. This is how something as vast as the future of business can forever change. Thank you for believing in our mission, supporting this work, and being the reason CTLF is so special.

How is the new President/CEO being selected?
  • The CEO position is currently listed, and the search is being led by Turning the Corner. Kendra Prospero, CEO, is on our Board of Advisors, and Drew Bonder, head of Business Development, is on a Strategic Connections Advisory Board. Together, they have first-hand insight into who our next CEO needs to be. Please refer anyone you think is the right fit!
  • A committee of our Board of Advisors will be interviewing and selecting a short-list of candidates. They are uniquely equipped to make sure the new CEO is able to carry our mission, strategies, and work forward. It’s worth noting that 100% of our board members at our retreat recommitted to their partnership and have confidence in CTLF’s future.
  • Our team will have a very strong voice in the final selection, making sure the new leader carries forward the shared model of leadership that is so central to CTLF.
How will this transition create continuity for the organization?
  • Sara van Rensburg will be training the new CEO on the history, context, work, and vision, making sure they understand how to grow by preserving and tending to the unique culture and environment in CTLF.
  • Our team will be equipping them to understand our strategies, operations, and programs.
  • Our Board of Advisors will be providing oversight, guidance, and support along the way.
Why now?

CTLF is a lot like a construction site where the foundation is painstakingly built one brick at a time, over many years. Then, when the foundation is solid, it’s time to build up. It’s only then that anyone really notices and says, “Wow! Look at that building! I didn’t even know they were building something there. It’s amazing!” 

CTLF’s foundation has been built. COVID has significantly increased leaders’ need for and interest in the work we do here at CTLF—building strong relationships, being in community, improving our wellbeing and leadership, being authentic, and growing in a regenerative way.

The potential is great, and Sara recognizes that what it took to build the foundation isn’t the same as what it will take to put up the building. CTLF is ready for an impact-minded, relationship-driven builder, capable of unleashing all the potential that exists.

It’s worth noting it’s not about growth for the sake of growth. Size, revenue, and profits have never been the focus here. But growth—with likeminded leaders and evermore impactful programming and content—is important, because it elevates the value and impact you receive from your CTLF membership.


Check out the CEO transition announcement here, if you missed it.

Where are you going, Sara?
I see myself as more of a developer, creator, and fosterer of the work and environment of CTLF. I’ve always loved creating the spaces to help us expand our thinking, challenge the conventional way of doing business, grow as people, and experience authentic relationships with others.


I believe regenerative leadership is the way of the future—this is what I plan to pursue more deeply. In the short-term, I’ll be working with our partner in regenerative organizational design, nRhythm, to bring much of my experience and learning to their work.


And I plan to explore a number of exciting ideas and possibilities to apply the work we’ve done at CTLF nationally and globally. Who knows where this will lead, but it will be fun to push at some doors and see what happens. Still, I love Colorado and I love this CTLF community, so I hope it remains a place where I can engage and connect for decades to come.