Michael Maynes is the Chief Revenue Officer of CIENCE Technologies, an Inc. 5000 company that provides sophisticated B2B lead generation services for some of the best brands, enterprise companies, and start-ups in the world. CIENCE’s “People-as-a Service” approach includes sales research, inbound lead qualification, and outbound appointment setting powered by premium sales data and a proprietary software solution.

Michael’s introduction to CTLF came through his own initial outreach seeking resources to help elevate the image of high-quality, high-integrity sales professionals who, unfortunately, can be unfairly associated with the aggressive, manipulative, and sometimes less-than-ethical stereotype. After learning more about CTLF and our HEART-level leadership values, he subsequently joined a Men’s Personal Development Forum (PDF) group where he met Ed Schenkein, who nominated Michael for this year’s award.

“I joined the PDF group because I appreciated that CTLF is truly different,” says Michael. “This group views leadership as winning together vs. exerting your power and winning on your own. Most groups of this kind are about attaining, managing, and asserting your own leadership. CTLF is about connection, sharing, and pouring into others.”

Michael’s participation in that PDF made a big impression on Ed. “When the call for nominations came out, I knew right away who I was going to nominate,” he shared. “The depth of character, along with the heart and mind and soul he brings to everything he does, is just incredible.”

Ed’s nomination form clearly illustrates these qualities and the ways in which Michael embodies HEART-level leadership. Please see Michael’s nomination below:


Michael modestly leads his team, seeks no attention to himself, and develops leaders with honor and dignity.


Michael has tirelessly grown an Inc. 5000-recognized company. With a third of his workforce in Ukraine, the had multiple plans in place in advance of the Russian invasion. He and his leadership team engaged the rest of their team in performing their work to provide the profitability—and thus the resources—to support their colleagues in the Ukraine.


Michael and his leadership team told their Ukrainian team members to defend their country and protect their families, continued to pay them, developed support resources, and provided travel vouchers to help team member leave Ukraine. 


The strain of the conflict on all team members has been tremendous. Michael and his team have created and provided various resources to ensure that the team has the crisis and mental health support to be effective in their work and lives.


CIENCE had an award winning culture prior to the Ukraine war. That has been transformed in exponential ways, where team members are truly working for one another in ways that hopefully shall never be repeated.

Michael admits this wasn’t always the case. Starting out, he was originally drawn to leadership out of his desire for power and seeing his ideas come to life in the market. Over the years, his experiences and interactions with all kinds of people have taught him that real power comes from pouring into others.

“How I spend my time is a choice I get to make,” says Michael, “and I choose to fully invest in people and things without expectation of what’s in it for me. Experiencing human connection and moments of enlightenment are high on my list of how I want my time spent.”

As the winner of the HEART Level Leadership Award, Michael could designate a charity that is dear to him. United24 is the main donation platform to aid the Ukrainian people. You can designate your donation to go toward defense, medical aid, or rebuilding. Please CLICK HERE if you’d like to donate.