Chris Romer

Chris Romer

Head of Strategic Partnerships | Guild Education

Chris Romer is a co-founder of Guild Education, where he is working with top employers and universities to help the 30 million working adults with some college but no degree to complete their bachelor’s programs by providing boot camps, courses, and degrees. Chris has worked on developing education as a benefit program for several Fortune 500 partners, helping them increase employee satisfaction and retention. Guild recently raised a $21M Series B round with top-tier investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Social Capital, Harrison Metal and Cowboy Ventures.

From 2011-2015, Chris was the President and Co-Founder of American Honors, which collaborates with leading community colleges to jointly deliver a competitive 2+2 honors program with over 65 top transfer options for community college students.

He is a recognized expert in higher education public-private partnerships and state higher ed policy. Chris served as a Colorado state senator from 2006 to 2010, where he focused on higher education innovation and improving access and quality of K12 in Colorado. He also wrote the Colorado concurrent enrollment law to allow high school students to take college classes.

Chris spent twenty-five years as a banker financing over $6 billion public/private higher education and transportation projects including DIA and Denver’s Union Station. In 1998, Chris was the co-founder of an online education company, Digital Education Company (DES), which he helped build and sell. DES provided affordable online courses and training for students and adults to learn the latest computer programming languages.

In the Denver community, Chris was a founder and past president of the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation, which provides mentoring programs and scholarship funds for low income and inner-city students, and past president of the Colorado Children’s Campaign, a children’s advocacy group. He also served as superintendent for New America Schools, a national network of high schools, and as president of the KIPP Schools serving low-income students.